Why Are Businesses Going Gaga Over Developing An App Like Amazon?

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It goes without saying that e-commerce is one of the most increasingly changing markets in recent times. Gone are the days when people had to go outside and buy things for themselves. The innovation of online ordering has helped pave the way for the e-commerce arena. And because of the trendsetting environment, it has created, more and more businesses are drawing towards this market.


It is no surprise that mobile usage has taken over our lives. Without going into the figures, the growing popularity of e-commerce, and the constant surging in mobile users, this points to the target where most of the online businesses are trying to hit.  Subsequently, top mobile app development companies are focusing their efforts into developing dynamic e-commerce apps.

So, when we talk about e-commerce, why is it that our mind always thinks of the name of Amazon? The answer is not lost on most of us, but it’s how they’ve implemented the strategy and worked towards achieving the goal that has made all the difference. The Internet is flooded with all the “Hows”, and “Whats” of Amazon. But the real question is “why”? It’s only normal that most of the online businesses are looking to develop an e-commerce app like Amazon because of the popularity, but let us take you on the journey of finding the real answer of why e-commerce apps should be like Amazon. But before that, let’s just look at some of the key points of Amazon.

Things Done Rightly By Amazon In Its Early Years

With the market cap of over $570 billion in the year 2020 alone, this whopping figure speaks for itself, right? Today, the name of the eCommerce behemoth, Amazon, has been constantly on everyone’s lips. Long before the organization started growing at a rapid pace, it was just a bookseller portal. Let that sink in. Who would have thought that a bookselling website will someday rule the world of the e-commerce market! So, let’s check out what Amazon did right that most companies fail to do so.

  • It offered the finest searching functionality where users could find the books according to their preferences.
  • It gave proposals and different records to its clients from which they could choose a book. Also, the suggestion segment, where the clients could pick books according to their understanding of inclinations and mind-sets, likewise worked in the kindness of Amazon.
  • It offered exceptional gift packages and automatic notifications were being shown to the customers who had the mobile app.
  • It empowered its clients to share their surveys and remarks about the book just as the item they get. It additionally permits them to finish up their audit by giving them evaluations as stars.

So, it can be said that Amazon did the trendsetting. These points must have somewhat answered the ‘why’ of businesses, but sure you’re in for the long ride, and we’ll give you what you wanna know. Let’s understand the technical aspects as to why businesses should develop apps like amazon.

1. Mobile Commerce is A Trend

All things considered, shopping mobile applications are developing at a pace of 54% year-over-year. That is the most elevated rate contrasted with some other application classes.

Allow me to place that into your viewpoint for you. The normal year-over-year development pace of mobile application utilization across all ventures is 6%. So shopping is an incredible 48% higher than the normal.

Mobile deals are overwhelming in the e-commerce world. The utilization of shopping applications is becoming quicker than each other kind of application available. So as a matter of course, you’ll realize that e-commerce applications will add to mobile trade deals.

2. Purchasers Prefer Mobile Apps

Some of you may take a gander at that information and be fulfilled realizing that you’re coming to a cell phone and tablet clients with your mobile site. Be that as it may, you’re scarcely starting to expose what’s underneath. So, why do people prefer mobile apps over websites?

Comfort and speed are the main two reasons. By and large, mobile applications simply offer a superior shopping experience.

Take a gander at the propensities in your own life. When you decide to get yourself something online, take some time to answer this: Would you rather buy something from an application or a website? Regardless of how quick or responsive a mobile site may be, an application will consistently give a more enhanced client experience.

So in case, your e-commerce site doesn’t have a mobile application, you’re ignoring most of the market while giving a not exactly ideal experience for your current clients.

3. Gain a Competitive Advantage

Customers are likely to spend more time on your mobile app than they spend time on the website. Clients would prefer to buy something  from mobile applications, so it won’t be long until they prevent purchasing from your mobile site through and through. The way that you’re getting any mobile deals right currently is blessed, however, it won’t keep going forever.

At present, each e-commerce site on the planet is contending with Amazon. You can essentially purchase all things everywhere from them. In the United States alone, 95 million individuals have an Amazon Prime enrollment.

Sure—Amazon probably won’t convey your marked items. However, how remarkable would you say you are? Could a client get something comparative from another brand on Amazon’s application? Presumably.

So whenever somebody visits your site, they’ll generally have the “Amazon experience” as a top priority. On the off chance that you can’t fulfill those guidelines, at that point, the client won’t have the motivation to purchase from you.

The best way to genuinely repeat this shopping experience is with a mobile business application.

Here’s another thing to remember. A mobile application will give you an upper hand today, however, that won’t be the case for eternity. In the coming years, everybody will have a mobile trade application. So it’s to your greatest advantage to make one now, that way you’ll have a head start on every other person who was late to the gathering.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

We should return to the numbers. Toward the day’s end, all you do requires you to support your KPIs, and at last advantage your main concern.

Following transformations is an extraordinary spot to begin. We should investigate the distinction between mobile application transformations and mobile site changes.

At the point when you take a gander at these numbers one next to the other, the application is the unmistakable victor.

This is incredible because it means better openness for your image and items. A client may conclude that they need more than they at first came for, however, we’ll discuss that in more prominent detail later on.

Items saw per meeting and add-to-truck rates are marvelous, yet the lone thing that truly matters is transformations.

Indeed, as should be obvious from the realistic, mobile applications convert at a 130% higher rate than mobile sites.

Envision the amount more cash you can make by immediately expanding change rates by 130%. That does exclude the number of more clients you’ll have once your application is live.

The main concern is straightforward. More transformations mean more dollars, and mobile applications drive higher change rates.

5. Empowered Customer Service

Individuals will spend more cash on better client assistance. Truth be told, 73% of retail buyers state they are urged to shop longer and go through more cash after a decent client support insight.

Make it simple for clients to discover your contact data. As opposed to compelling them to explore your site or quest for you on Google, offer a basic “call us” button straightforwardly in the application.

Permit your clients to follow their requests, from the second something is bought until the subsequent it’s conveyed to their front entryway.

While this is likewise conceivable from a mobile site, the UX will be altogether better if it’s encouraged in an application.

6. Increased Sales

Anytime you’re ready to create eCommerce deals you ought to be cheerful. In any case, so, deals don’t recount the entire story.

What number of your business come from rehash clients?

Studies show that drawing in new clients can be up to multiple times more costly than offering to a current one. However, expanding client consistency standards by 5% can build benefits by 25% to 95%

When you’ve developed an app like Amazon, you don’t have to worry about your existing clients showing up. Because they will.


So, all things considered when you’ve developed a complete mobile application solution like Amazon from top mobile app development companies or yourself, chances are you’ll see the success coming your way.


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