Free Dining Apps That Save You Money and Time

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In a new city, out on the run, or no time to do research, dining apps are becoming a great way to get fed fast. If you’re on a budget, these apps will you help you out that much more. Here are some great options for letting your phones find you food.

1. Urbanspoon


Urbanspoon is great for helping with dining choices and it can tell you where to find good deals and savings. It organizes restaurants based on type of cuisine, prices, and location (based on a general address or zip code). If you want Italian food, but you don’t want to break the bank, you can do several search perimeters and find the perfect place to eat.

2. KidsEatFor

KidsEatFor is an app for finding restaurants where kids eat for, you guessed it…free, or at least for less. Right when you open the app, you’ll find the closest restaurants to your location where kids can either eat for free or where kids get a reduced rate or special on their meals. The app shows the kids offer, a map and shows reviews from that restaurant found on Yelp.


Yelp provides all of the basics when it comes to getting information about restaurants — address, phone number, hours. It’s also one of the most used sites and therefore provides extensive reviews for restaurants. If you’re ever wondering if a restaurant or food delivery service is worth the money they’re asking, listen to the opinions of others.

Yelp’s app is easy to use with a dashboard contenting a search bar and a few functional icons such as bookmarks, check-ins and specials. One of the coolest components of the Yelp app is the Monocle. Take a photo of the street in front of you and Yelp will overlay ratings and other info on your screen. You’ll be able to see the dollars signs and make the best decision for saving your dimes.

Seamless Food Delivery and Takeout

Seamless makes ordering takeout even easier than it was before. If you live in the 26 cities covered by this app, you’ll find this app more convenient than you can imagine. The app uses your current location to find delivery options nearby to you. Once you’ve ordered something, it stays in the app so that next time you go to order and you want the same thing, it just takes the tap of a finger.

The app saves you the trouble of digging through lists of delivery services by using your search criteria to narrow down options. This app also allows secure use of your credit card with no cash necessary. For those of you who like to rack up the cash-back benefits of using your credit card, this is a great perk.

Diners Drive-in & Dives

Diner food often offers the best bang for your buck. This app maps Guy Fieri’s visits as shown on the Food Network television show. The app also provides the restaurant’s contact info, details from the episode on which it was featured, Yelp reviews, and website links. With research from television figures and some of the best consumer resources teaming up at your fingertips, it’s hard to go wrong — especially if sometimes all you want is an inexpensive but delicious burger.

From finding the best bang for your buck at restaurants to dialing out delivery, free android dining apps will help you save money and time.


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