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Nothing is worse for a developer than the term crash. Crashes are the reason for the major loss of data that can make any user unhappy and dissatisfied. The term crash is not at all good for both the developers and users. This is a major reason for negative impression and frustrating users who are regularly complaining of app crashes.


Spending time on development of the app is better than facing negative response from crashes. There are numerous crash reporting tools for iOS developers who analyse the app and fixes the flaws to avoid any further frustration. Here are some of the best crashes reporting tools that support the iOS developers-


In the software developing fraternity, Crashlytics is considered as one of the best crash reporting tools. It takes into account the number of times crashes have occurred and assigns it to an impact level. This tool then reports you about the more critical crashes that occur. It helps in prioritizing the impact level and in taking actions accordingly.

The Crashlytics is completely free for the users. The pricing and the easy integration are the major advantages of Crashlytics. However, the depths and accuracy are not accurate in comparison to other premium tools.


The HockeyApp is among the first preferred tools for the app developers who want to analyze the depth of the crash. This tool gives the analytics and the feedback reports at one place. The HockeyApp is developed and integrated by Microsoft and it predominantly acts as an essential platform for Android, Windows, and OSX devices as well. However, the size of the software is quite large as well as the price is extensively tagged.


Instabug is one of the best tools that give out useful information for troubleshooting the crash. It was introduced in 2013 with metadata that helps in faster-debugging rate. One of the special features of Instabug is that whenever the user shakes the phone, it takes the screenshot of the crash and notes it instantly.

The screenshot automatically is submitted for diagnostics and it informs the steps to be followed by the user. Instabug is an excellent console data with in-app feedback features.


XCode is one of the Apple’s newly introduced crash tool that has already received appreciation for its potentiality and performance. It is a bundle of symbolization features and built-in integration. Despite the uniqueness of the app, the major drawback is that it requires the user to share the information with the Apple that limits the view of sample sizes of crashes. It is best for small business and is free of cost.


AppBlade is a mobile device enhancement platform that has been popular with companies like PayPal, eBay and Hub Spot. The AppBlade comes with its optimal security features and works on multiple operating platforms that are required to be deployed to the employees through the browsers itself. More than a crashing tool, AppBlade is a security enhancer that is prompt and fast than any other tools.


Parse was introduced in 2014 as a mid-level crashing tool. This tool not only helps in detecting the troubles but also provide simple logs to fix the same. Since the app is still in progress, there is a lot of scope for growth. The Facebook is the giant supporter of Parse because of its newness in the crashing tool. This app is highly recommended for freelancers and small companies. It is available for free with a core or push package.

Apteligent (Crittercism)

Crittercism is gaining popularity and has doubled its revenue since its launch. It has gained major customer appreciation and has been installed a million numbers of times. It has received strong support from Google investments as well. However, the installation is not free and the customer has to pay at every step to avail the various features. The app is suitable for bigger enterprise only.

A full sack tool keeps a track of all the crashes. It works on multiple operating systems such as Android, OSX, and windows. The integration is simple and user-friendly.

The app is expanded software that analyses all the crash report in one instance. A user can come across while finding a solution to the app crashes numerous effective crash tools. If you are looking for free app tools than Crashlytics is a great tool for iOS crash development. However, if you want for multiple platforms then one cannot compete with HockeyApp.

Summing Up: In case you want a solution for fixing an app, you may contact directly to the app development company, which has excellent reviews for its potentiality and performance. You may also try some DIY using the YouTube tutorials on crashing tools that support iOS app developers. Each tool has some unique feature to offer, thus you have to check the reviews and decide yourself.


Arun Goyal

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