Great Photoshop Web Designing Tips for Beginners

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A majority of designers still consider using Photoshop for their different website designing projects and call it as the crux of these tasks. So, whether you are looking out to design the entire site or some of its elements, Photoshop could be the best tool for carrying out these tasks.

Photoshop Web Designing Tips for Beginners

Whether you are among the novices or seasoned web designer, checking out few basic tips of using Photoshop is always a welcome move. So, let’s check some of the great Photo web designing tips for beginners, which can make you more efficient and smart.

Always use grid systems

The grid system can help you in liberating lots of headaches, which you could encounter in web design projects. There are several free and easy to use resources, which can help you in using Photoshop in creating some custom grids without any hassle and of course with greater amount of accuracy.

Try custom document presets

By hitting the keys Ctrl along with Cmd+N will help you in opening up the new document window. Here you get to see the Presets menu, which comprises of a number of mobile and basic web presets. But it is seen missing out a number of common dimension for a wide range of banners, grid systems, Android and iOS based devices. You are therefore supposed to take some time to fill the required missing areas.

Customize default type

At the same time don’t forget to customize default type by simply closing all the open documents and opening up the Character palette in order to choose your preferred color, font family, spacing and weight. This will help you in avoiding the default Myriad.

Always keep the vectors crisp

Another important web designing tip using Photoshop is to keep all your vector objects clean and crisp. This can be done by selecting the rectangle tool (U) from the menu; you are then supposed to open the Geometry options menu seen over the options bar. Then check the Snap to see the Pixels option. By doing this, you give an edge to your vector objects.

For some quick color fills

By hitting the Alt key along with Delete, you could choose any color for your text, layers and shapes for the foreground. In the same way, by pressing the Ctrl key with Delete, you could easily fill the area with any chosen background color option. While by pressing the key D, you could return to the default white and black color option, while by pressing X, you could swap the background and foreground colors.

Staying organized

By pressing Ctrl key along with G, you could reach to group layers, which help you in keeping you focused and organized. If you are able to group all your components and content area like the navigation, supporting footers and components and features content area in different places could help you in saving you from headaches found inside your web designing projects.

Getting smart

In order to use smart object creatively and wisely, you could end up increasing the workflow in your entire process. By converting big size pictures and vector objects over the Smart Objects could help you in retaining the original image quality after you skew, rotate or scale them.

Final words

Photoshop offers you a wide range of versatile kind of tools for creating high end website designs. All you need to know is the smart ways of using this tool. With these tips discussed above, the novices could be able to use it to create powerful, elegant and beautiful website designs.


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