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During bad weathers, it is very difficult to decide if it is going to be a normal storm or much severe situation. These weather conditions might also cause the power failures or extended breakdowns. At that moment, your iPhone can be very useful to you if you cannot access battery-powered radio.

iphone apps to track storms

Your iPhone can track bad weather immediately and accurately. Let us discuss about some of iPhone apps used in tracking the storms.

1. AccuWeather for iPhone

This iPhone app is rated as the best app for iPhone in Mobile awards 2012. You can download it for free. You can quickly access to the local weather reports in details; thus, it is one of the best iPhone apps for tracking storms available today. It will automatically provide you the weather data, predictions and appropriate conditions for your area.

You can add the weather condition of next 15 days to your built-in calendar or you can also get Notification Center Support for upcoming severe situations. These forecasts get up-to-date every hour and you can also get built-in support for severe weather warnings such as tornadoes.

2. NOAA Radar US

NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is a part of US Department of Commerce. This app provides the quickest delivery of the weather forecast among all the weather apps. Rather than warning alerts of severe weather, it provides a detailed satellite imagination including data on cloud covering, several map types, multi-layers of radar and other customizable options. It is specially made for those people who know properly how to deal with it. You can get this app for $1.99.

3. Radarscope


This iPhone app is one of the most effective app you can get. It provides accessing of NOAA feeds, precipitation data, and the speed of the storm. It gives you more details about the speed which makes it unique from others. You can install this iPhone app for $9.99. It displays the latest dual-polarization, reflectivity, velocity, etc from TDWR or NEXRAD radar site in US, Puerto Rico and Guam.

4. The Weather Channel®


If you don’t have power connection and are not able to watch television, this free iPhone app provides you all the trusted information. It provides all the weather predictions from allergy season to the hurricane warnings. It swipes between your current location to other 10 favorite locations to check the weather conditions. You can also share the weather conditions on Facebook with your friends to plan outgoings.

5. iMap Weather Radio

This iPhone app provides critical alerts through push and voice notifications with respect to severe weather conditions. You can get this app for $9.99. It keeps tracking your location wherever you go and thus warns you. It provides you alerts and notifications on the basis of your location so that you can be prepared for taking appropriate action.

6. CodeRED Mobile Alert

With this wonderful iPhone app, you can get weather alerts whenever you are in the range of the weather advisory, issued by the safety officials present in that area. But, you should be assured that this weather forecast app is supported by the local government officials or system in your area before you get any information from it; since, it is not universally subscribed yet. You can get this app for free.

7. NOAA Weather Radio

Using this app, you can listen to more than 200 NOAA Weather Radio, which provides the latest forecasts, advisories, watches, warnings and more hazards 24/7, directly from National Weather Service. It provides you weather forecasts and temperatures, unflawed streaming of NOAA broadcasts, push weather alerts and many more. You can get this app installed for $1.99.

8. CaneCast Hurricane Forecaster

If you are residing in hurricane-prone area, you must get this wonderful iPhone app, which is definitely going to help you and provide the details of weather. You can also track the storms which lead to potentially-lethal, damaging hurricanes. You can monitor the current location and condition of a storm. It is the only app providing the latest risks of the high winds at any locations. You can get this app for $0.99.

You can use you iPhone to protect your family from severe and dangerous weather situations. During power failure, the most important thing to keep in your mind is the battery, which will be getting discharged due to constant tracking of storms. You can save battery by closing other irrelevant apps, running in background.

You can also have a backup battery, which is fully charged. Using these useful apps, you can stay away from all the dangerous weather conditions.


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