5 Great Windows 8 Tweaks To Make It Better For You!

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The importance to tweak Windows 8 is indeed immense.  After all, it is able to improve and enhance the functions of your system by making Windows 8 run fast than ever before. Following are the 5 great ways to tweak windows 8.


1. Use 4 digits PIN to login instead of password

Going to login to Windows 8? If yes, then it is better to use four digit pin code for the same as it makes the authentication process quite easy especially for those who have touch screen. All you have to do is to select, “control panel” option in Metro and login.

The moment you login, you will get “users” section where the option of “create a pin” is there. Thereby, as you click on it, you will get a screen where you need to use the present password. Finally, click OK in order to complete the whole process.

2. A picture can assist you towards login

You can easily login with the help of a photograph. This method stands out to be comparably fast in respect to four digit pin method. Here also you have to repeat the aforesaid method with the exception that instead choosing “create a pin”, just select “create a picture password” since it is a picture in this case.

3. Performance can be improved by removing the visual effects

Windows 8 is synonymous with various visual effects. However, if incase your computer is not able to function in an electrifying way, then it can even freeze. Hence, in such case, it is advisable to remove the visual effects.

All you have to do is to search “system properties performance” and by selecting enter you will get the option of select, “visual effects” where you can easily configure visual effects. Thereby, you can either enable or disable such effects according to your need.

4. Configure openDNS for faster browsing

OpenDNS is a server which is indeed quite fast. However, if it takes too long for you to connect to a web page, then the only reason for the same is that the DNS serve on your ISP is very weak. Hence, in order to have a great and enriching experience, you need to configure OpenDNS on your Windows 8

5. Configure Metro App Links in order to open in Desktop

Windows 8 facilitates you with Metro UI. It is an interface that is going to run above your desktop and give you the luxury of using full-screen apps that are operational on cloud storage.It is synonymous with various enhanced features which will give you enriching and wonderful experience. The best thing is that Metro can be easily configured. Thereby it will easily open the internet explorer’s desktop version.

Finally, these were the 5 enriching ways to tweak windows 8. You will find an exemplary change after you use these tweaks on your computer.

After all, your computer will run in an electrifying way thereby easing you to the core. So do not wait any further and facilitate it with such ways and derive maximum benefits in the process as well.


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