The 10 Best Cameras of 2012

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In this article, we will discuss about Top 10 Cameras for 2012. As you all know, that Camera plays an important role in our life. It helps us to save our memories for our future and long life. Now our life is going very sharp and with full of technologies so every person try his level best to do something good for his life and memories.

Here is a huge list of famous Technology brands in world like Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Lumix & Canon these are few names of famous Top Camera brands from the world of technology. You can found everything you want like lenses, cases, AF, M9, ISO and awesome cameras in these brands.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Cameras for 2012 with full details and reviews:

1. Nikon D2012 (AKA D800)

Nikon d800

Nikon has launched its new creation D800. We got some personal reviews by other users who use Nikon D800 and they are very happy with this new camera technology by Nikon. We can say that Nikon give us a precious gift for this Christmas to have fun and chill and save our precious memories in photographs.

Here are some facts about this emerging product that is Nikon D2012 (AKA D800). Nikon D800 has some juicy facts like:

  • It’s have Larger Display
  • Nikon D800 is lighter and smaller then D700
  • D800 have 7360×4912 resolution with 36 Mega Pixel (36MP)
  • AF identical to D3/D700
  • You can experience Excellent Quality in Video which is better than D3s. 1080p and 720p.
  • It’s have CF and SD slots for memory card.

I hope after reading the features you can wait anymore for this great Camera.

2. Canon EOS 1D X

Canon EOS 1D X

Canon has a very well name in Professional Cameras. Canon users had lots choices either a high-speed sports adventure and action camera or with high resolution Studio Camera. Now with Canon EOS 1D you can avail both features of EOS 1D MKIV & EOS 1D MK III and this is one of the main reason of our excitement about this camera.

Some succulent Facts about Canon EOS 1D X:

  • 204,800 Maximum ISO
  • High resolution with jpegs at 14fps
  • CMOS sensor with gapless micro lenses
  • 21 percent larger pictures then MK III
  • 18 Million Pixels
  • -2EV and have minimum AF sensitivity
  • AF sensor with 61 point

Get this amazing Gadget to have made your life and memories better than others.

3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1

panasonic lumix

For advanced photographers Panasonic introduced another new gadget to world. After the great success of GF1 now, Panasonic launched DMC-GX1 with high quality and have good raw output and a easy use camera for DSLR owners. Some people who used this camera have held it on high regard.

Here are some succulent Facts about Lumix DMC-GX1:

  • Electronic Level Gauge
  • 160-12,800 ISO
  • 4 Fn buttons with Two onscreen
  • Compass reading sensor (non- OIS lenses information providing)
  • Unremitting shooting up to 20fps with at reduced resolution.
  • Have Full AVCHD 1080/60i video
  • 3.0″, 460k dot LCD
  • Micro Four Thirds sensor with 16 Mega Pixels (16MP)

Go and get this unbeatable Camera from your nearest Panasonic franchise.

4. Sony NEX-7 Body

Sony is a well reputed gadget brand in world and Sony mostly launch its emerging camera models like Sony NEX-5N. Now Sony launched NEX-7 body Camera in the world of quality photography.

Sony NEX-7 body has some good features, which are given below:

  • Exmore Sensor with 24.3 Mega Pixels (24.3MP)
  • 100-16000 ISO Range
  • A VCHD video capturing with 1920 x 1080 60p.
  • XGA OLED viewfinder
  • 3″ 921k dots TruBlack LCD display
  • AF Speed with improved start-up time
  • Continues photo capturing at up to 10fps
  • More than 400 captures battery life.
  • 0.02 sec shutter time lag
  • Object tracking
  • Compatibility of Eye Fi
  • Advanced Bionz Imaging Processor

Do not wait anymore and get this one from your nearest market.

5. Canon PowerShot S100

Canon S100

Canon launched it’s another new camera PowerShot S100. Some features are given below about Canon PowerShot S100:

  • Maximum High Definition (HD) movie competences
  • 1/1.7” High Sensitivity CMOS sensor
  • Effective Pixels of 12.1 Millions
  • One Point AF Tracking
  • 80-6400 ISO Range
  • Scene Mode, Movie Mode & Photo effects
  • 2.3 fps
  • Logger and GPS Tracking
  • Super Slow-Motion Shots and Miniature Effects.

We hope this one will be the best gadget in our life.

6. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX90 WiFi

This extra ordinary product has WiFi treatment and have touch screen LCD. It can easily fit in our pocket. DMC-FX90 WiFi is a compact camera with 12 mega pixels.

Some succulent Facts about DMC-FX90 Wiki:

  • Hi-Speed CCD with 12.1MP (Mega Pixels)
  • Optical Zoom up to 5X
  • 24mm ultra-wide LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMARIT lens (F2.5)
  • Touch Screen LCD with 3.0 Inch (460k Pixels)
  • AF Tracking and Sonic Speed AF
  • Wifi Connectivity (802.11 b/g/n)
  • High Definition Video Capturing with 1080/60i
  • Face Detection
  • ISO Controller

This one is full of craze in gadget and technology world.

7. Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1

Panasonic Lumix DMC

Another great product from famous Gadget brand Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 is 3D Compact camera with dual lens Panther. Some features are given below regarding Lumix DMC-3D1.

  • 3.5 inch LCD Screen
  • 3D and 1080i HD Video Capturing
  • 2D Photo Shooting
  • 12.1 MP (Mega Pixels)
  • 23 Focus Points
  • 1600-6400 ISO Range

Get this one to bring revolution in life.

8. Olympus SP810UZ

Olympus introduced SP-810UZ Compact Camera to Technology and Photography world. SP810UZ have 36x Wide-angle zoom that is limitless freedom for you.

Here are some good features of Olympus SP-810UZ:

  • High Definition (HD) Video Capturing with 720p
  • 3D Image Capturing
  • 36x Wide Angle Zoom
  • Photo Creativity Mode
  • Eye-Fi Card Compatibility
  • 80 – 3200 ISO Range
  • 3.0 inch LCD
  • Up to 10 Magic Filters

Do not wait and get this coolest camera, which is launched by famous brand Olympus.

9. Fuji Film X-S1

Fuji Film X S1

As we all know that Fuji X series of camera is one of the best camera models in photography world and now Fuji introduce another exciting product X-S1 with high end Super Zoom Capability. X-S1 have 2/3” EXR CMOS sensor.

  • Take a look on Fuji Film X-S1 Specifications:
  • 1440k Pixels EVF
  • 2/3” EXR CMOS Sensor
  • 62mm Filter Size
  • Fixed 26x Zoom lens (f/2.8 – 5.6)

10. Lego Camera

Lego Camera is possibly most high predictable camera and its finally launched in a TV Show. Have a look on some Juicy Features of Lego Camera.

  • High Level Personalization
  • Multi Colors
  • Lego Bricks

Do you know more Best Cameras which you think can fit in the above list? Share with us via comments below.


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