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First impressions and background are important, whether in real life or on the internet – as an application Facebook Cover Maker tries to keep things simple.

Facebook cover maker

For starters, the online cover creating application name is both simple. Secondly, one can easily deduce the purpose of the product. Furthermore,  the application attempts to make things as easy as possible for the end user – there is no way in which you can feel information overloaded with Facebook Cover Maker, it’s so intuitive its dead simple.

Before I dive into the details of the review of Facebook Cover Maker let me introduce the product by informing you about the development team behind this app.

Developed by Makers of Popular Facebook IM

This free app has been developed by Athena IT Limited, whilst you probably haven’t heard of them, you may have heard of one of their more popular applications “Chit Chat for Facebook.”

Chit Chat for Facebook succeeded where other third party Facebook IM failed as the authors were able to quickly deliver superior functionality ahead of the competition. My personal expectation is that given that the application has been developed as an online app is that this Facebook cover maker will be continuously updated and refined like it’s older brother Chit Chat for Facebook.

How Does This Online App Make Facebook Covers?

Let me first set your expectations, this app makes Facebook Covers by joining together an assortment of pre-designed graphics so in effect you make a Facebook Cover by joining together other images in predefined positions.

Facebook Cover Maker is not a design editing utility and as such those with advanced requirements may be disappointed at the first generation of this application. Future iterations may have more advanced functionality, however, at the time of writing users simply select the cover elements that they like by way of a few mouse clicks then click on a button to set their creation as their Facebook Cover.

Is Facebook Cover Maker Any Good?

For what it is, Facebook Cover Maker is an excellent utility. However, at the time of writing it won’t go above and beyond your expectations – there are no design elements or tools provided for example. The online cover generating app is exactly what it sets out to be, a utility that expedites unique Facebook Cover making. Those with more specialist requirements will still be better of using a professional design app.

As an added bonus, Facebook Cover Maker doesn’t add watermarks to their images.

Who Is Facebook Cover Maker Useful To?

This generator utility is aimed at individuals that wish to create a Facebook cover that is unique to their Facebook profile but lack the technical ability to create one themselves with a design package or those that simply don’t want to use something that someone has knocked up for general use with a watermark on the internet.

Facebook Cover Maker


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