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Twitter added a new feature before a month to add cover photos to profile like Facebook. So if you have missed the news about this new feature then don’t worry, today I will tell you how to add new Twitter profile cover photo easily with the help of the TwitrCovers website.

How to Set the Twitter Profile Cover Photo

twitter cover photo

1. Sign in to Twitter and go to “Settings” -> “Design”
2. Scroll down to “Customize your own”.
3. Just above the option to ‘change background’ should be one to ‘change header‘ photo.

Twitter offers a option of having a photo set as your cover on your Twitter profile. TwitrCovers offers a variety of Covers, we can apply with a couple of clicks to our profile. The interesting thing is that, if you have not had a redesign of Twitter, with this “be forced” to Twitter to implement the redesign.

TwitrCovers 1

All we have to do is choose the image that we like from the entire selection available at TwitrCovers official website. They have multiple categories to choose cover photos from, and you can start from the ” Popular ” category .

TwitrCovers is a free to use website where you can browse the images features on the homepage of the website or you can begin browsing by looking for images in the various categories on the site. I have also choose an image from the TwitrCovers website and set it my header image, you can see it below;

The best way to set the images as Twitter covers is to download them and set it manually or you can authorize TwitrCovers to have access to your Twitter account and automatically set the images as cover photos on Twitter.

Get your new Twitter Profile Cover Photo now. TwitrCovers got the best collection of Twitter Covers & Twitter Header Images!

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