How to Enable or Disable Windows Autorun or Windows Autoplay feature

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Here are the steps to Enable or Disable Windows Autorun features. Windows XP is one of the best operating system ever provided by Microsoft. It has many more interesting features to use for users. Today I came across one such feature and discovered something new so I decided to share with Tricks Machine readers.

Microsoft Windows XP provides one such feature named Auto-Play, which allows CD/DVD Roms and USB Flash Drives to begin playing automatically once we insert them into the specific ports. It doesn’t matter weather you insert an Audio CD , Data CD or USB.

Assume that you are inserting an Audio CD, In case of auto play enable, the first song will begin playing automatically. In the case of inserting a Data CD, one will usually see a program launching an Installation Screen and In case of video CD, the video starts playing with the default video player. Sometimes I feel it’s too annoying, so here are the tips to Enable Autorun feature and disable Windows autoplay feature using settings, Read on for details.

How to Enable or Disable Windows Autorun

1. Go to Start–>Run type gpedit.msc

2. Move to Computer Configuration –> Click Administrative Templates–> System select Turn off Autoplay on right side as shown below picture.


3. Move to settings tab in Turn off Auto Play properties


4. Select the drives, which you need to enable  disabled Autoplay.

If you want to disable this feature or you just like to play as in Autorun. Give it a try and share your experiences through your comments!


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  • windows 7 is the greatest windows OS yet. your article was well written i look forward to reading more of your posts!

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