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Smartphone’s are now very common and almost everyone has one. Since apps can be used using your Smartphone, there are some precautions that you must undertake to ensure safety and security.

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To ensure that your privacy is protected, here are some of the things that you shouldn’t do:

1. Not setting a password

Your mobile device should have a password or pass code. This is the most common way of keeping hackers at bay. If your phone does not have a password or code, you are only exposing it to cyber-criminals. You also need to set a password for your phone’s memory card to prevent hackers from getting personal information.

2. Avoiding 3G networks

To make sure that you browse safely on the web, it would be a great advantage to use 3G networks because the service providers usually employ increased encryption. When accessing the internet, it is not advised to use Wi-Fi especially those in public places like coffee shops, airport, or restaurants. When you use 3G networks, traffic is encrypted between your device and that of the cell towers near you.

3. Not utilizing antivirus apps

It is also important that your Smartphone has its own antivirus. The antivirus app will protect your phone from spyware and viruses. You can explore what Norton, Lookout, and AVG has to offer. If you want real-time protection, this is the perfect time to install antivirus software and avoid getting harmful files.

4. Not removing browsing history

If you don’t delete browsing history, it is very easy to get victimized by hackers. Therefore, you have to delete them regularly. Loopholes in the browsing history can be exploited, allowing hackers to access personal information. Certain history settings can be accessed by hackers to get stored passwords in websites or applications. Never commit this mistake and you can protect your phone.

5. Leaving the Bluetooth on

The Bluetooth function is not used often, so if it is not in use, you have to turn it off. If you leave the Bluetooth on, hackers can access important files on the Smartphone. Turn off the Bluetooth especially if you’re in places where there is a lot of traffic. Keep in mind that security in this function is weak, and though it is turned off, experienced hackers can still access your phone. However, if the Bluetooth is turned off, it will discourage potential attempts.

Today, mobile apps are very popular today especially among Smartphone users. With the increasing number of mobile phone users, there is a need to guarantee safety. Security is not just a feature in mobile phones but it is more of a process.

You can see the Smartphone as a bag with holes. In order to get rid of the holes, there are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do. Follow the list above and you can use your phone safely.

Phone security is a great concern, and you should take the time in protecting your personal data. Have fun using your Smartphone!


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