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You Are Here is not a site which deals with the webhosting strategies in the similar way as that of the other various webhosting providers. In the modern technology world, it’s really hard to find a great and reliable webhosting service as many of the providers don’t offer services like how they promise to do.


There are always certain loopholes visualized back and forth and if at all you happen to sign up with a particular webhosting service, you will not be offered assistance in the middle if you are struck with the service.

Features of

Below are the various features in par with

You can immediately sign up from the next moment you have made up your mind to register with and no second and third party involvements associated in your signing up process as the full website is automated and readily accessible at any time you want.

Highly talented professionals and programmers are working behind the webhosting services for 24×7 and hence any bug can be fixed at once as you can always expect a timely help if your hosted account needed some fix.

There are lot of options when you sign up and other essential provisions to choose with regards to design and inner elements of the site. It merely depends upon the type of domain you are choosing. Probably, if it’s going to be a downloading site, then you have to show lot of concentration on the download tab, genre tab, payment tab if any, navigation tab and much more. On the other side, if the website is just information-oriented like tips and recipes, then you have to follow on with certain other type of criteria.

Two types of services are available when you sign up like web hosting and business hosting and both are profoundly helpful for your professional purposes.

As far as reliable web hosting is concerned, gives you 3 options Plan A, Plan B and Plan C and the cost varies for each plan but the services offered are satisfying in an equivalent way for all the three plans. For dealing effectively with the business oriented issues, its better that you choose the reasonably priced plan so that you get access to all the possible features.

You can make use of up to 30GB storage for your professional standardization of website. Apart from that, you can have access to features like C-Panel, CloudFlare and Softaculous.

Benefits of as you are about to Sign up


When you sign up for, it’s absolutely no cost at all to start with and all the cost plans starts up only after you decide on the plan. No extra payment is obtained from you and only it gives first priority to how much you enjoy the site’s features.

You have various payment options for ordering the plan and you can use the payment services like AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and JCB. also assures you of 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their performance after using their service. Hence, only very few webhosting services gives you assurance of as such liabilities and hence it’s better to choose the reliable web hosting service from as they are very customer-friendly in all aspects.

They provide core features such as 99.9% uptime, 24×7 supports from customer care, MySql databases limited, hosted websites, FTP controls and so on. Also, additional features like cran jobs, DNS management, free scripts, htaccess editing, statistics software, php.ini.editing can also be availed.

Special Offer for Tricks Machine Readers

You can Sign up with B-WebHost and get a free month of hosting services on any shared web hosting plan. To participate in this special, simply use promo code TRICKS while making an order.

For more information about the various features and advantages of the site, just visit and it’s high time that you should sign up.


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