The 10 Hottest Web Design Trends of 2014

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Web Designers strive graciously to present new notions and ideas to embellish the websites and create a powerful impact on the visitors. Every year new designs emerge and storm the minds of web designers that captivate millions of visitors. They are inevitably stupendous and it invigorates the business.


Simplicity conglomerated with splendor and profit is the prime notion of web design trends of 2014. These designs mark panache with its amazing ideas that renders it hot and phenomenal. These hot and blazing web designs epitomize fad with its unique and interactive approach.

The 10 Hottest Web Designs of 2014 are discussed below which has showered light on typography, attractive colors, commendable video backgrounds, incredible designs and many more. These designs define fashion and ease the work of web designers to make the websites catchy and prodigiously lavish and attractive.

Prominent Social Icons

Social icons enhance the popularity of the website and boost its usability. It makes the websites easily noticeable and increases posts and thus garners interests of visitors. It effectively communicates large piece of notions and hence becomes the eye-candy of all visitors.

Retina Graphics Support

Retina Graphics allow unperturbed picture quality with high pixel density and crispy graphics. Without this the website will appear blurry on all devices. Hence this amazing web design trend has uplifted the font-face glyphs craze and has come out as one of the hottest design trends. To get the Retina support for your website, you must have good web hosting to host all the content. If you are still searching for the best web design domain name then you can get it from the 1&1 for free.

Infinite Scroll Loading

Infinite Scroll Loading is a novice technique that loads up images when the user scrolls down a page on the website. This works well for image-oriented websites and hence provides rich user experience. This is basically effective when internet is getting more and more visual. Pictures captivate visitors and hence loading of images proves beneficial and highly useful

Flat Design Thrives

Flat Design Thrives is just another fashionable web design trend that gives a modish and clean approach to web designs. It makes use of the white space and hence provides an overall better user experience. Owing to this Flat Design Thrives is counted as number one fashionable design.

Video Backgrounds

A good video narrates a wonderful tale that stimulates emotions and hence creates a closer connection with the visitor. It keeps you glued to the site and hence lets you get acquainted with the company or services talked about in the website.

Parallax Website Designs

Parallax designs propel the current fad of web design with its powerful imagery, creative and innovative typography blended with scrolling mischief. This creates a sturdy impact on the visitors and hence defines a big statement.


Presenting information in an attractive and vivid way is important to catch the attention of millions visiting the page. They don’t cost the world and yet gives an appealing and alluring appearance to the website. They are slightly quirky as they amalgamate typography and bold color schemes and textures blended with a variety of shapes.


Typography has got some serious weight age in the recent times that has bid adieu to Helvetica, Georgia and other font styles. Typography has emerged as a mainstream status that suffices major font usage anticipations.


Websites strive to put up heavy contents but the trendy and hot web designs of 2014 suggests simple yet attractive content on websites that will captivate the attention of the users. Simple and lucid contents with a brief idea of the aim and motive steal the spotlight.

Fixed Navigation

Navigation bars offer a fixed and firm position sidebar or simply a top menu that allows easy navigation on the website. This gives a logical approach and also offers marvelous web design.


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