7 Signs That Prove You’re Addicted To Smartphones

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Around us, we all have someone who sticks to his smartphone to send text messages while he is driving or for father, the Blackberry seems to be more important than a day with his children to eat ice cream. Any of these examples is a kind of symptom that can be described as an addiction to smartphone.

I have created a simple list of seven signs that prove you’re addicted to your smartphone, I hope I am not wrong with the following point, go through them and let me know what do you think about this.

1. You put your smartphone on the table during dinner

When I go to a restaurant with friends, I often notice that some of them(including me) ask their smartphone on the table right next to their plates, just to never miss a call, text message, tweet, or other development to date. If you also do the same thing, you’re hooked for sure!

2. You use several brands of phone

For most people, one smartphone is more than enough, but for others this is not the case. Indeed, if you bought an iPhone and Android for just being able to perform different tasks and to obtain applications on one system and not the other, then you are a true addict for sure!

3. You spent more money on accessories for the smartphone itself

To tell the truth, spend more money on accessories for the phone is becoming easier. Today, prices are relatively affordable smartphone and accessories from increasingly diverse and increasingly expensive. But do you really need to have a case of a different color for each day of the week? If so, then you have a real addiction for sure!

4. You use your smartphone in the shower

Yes, there are people who do this, I swear. Thanks to the various shells sealed the opportunity to immerse the phone is now possible, but seriously, what’s the point? It should not be confused with your beautiful iPhone soap, especially when it came to washing dark places. If you do this, it is high time to think about going into a psychiatric center for sure!

5. You spend hours on forums dedicated to smartphones

This #5 speaks for itself. If you did not have cell phone, you never thought of visiting one of these forums, to spend 4-5 hours a day to discuss the last topic by “themeKiller.” You would not have lost your wife either ,  If you were divorced because of your smartphone, then you’re hooked for sure (and certain)!

6. You no longer able to correctly spell the word “Laugh Out Loud” and you do nothing

The SMS messaging service, known by the acronym designating English SMS Short Message Service, allows you to send short text messages, it is a service offered by mobile telephony (it was introduced by the GSM standard).

If you write your emails, letters, administrative and love letters to your girlfriend in this way and that in addition you do a problem, then you have a serious addiction problem (maybe not it also ) for sure!

7. You have ceased to buy food in order to offer you the phone of your dreams

The latter is by far the most sensitive and certainly sign the late beans. Of course, you may need to lose a few pounds, but it’s not a reason. If you have decided to abandon the key elements of life for a stupid gadget, so make your house because you have become crazy for sure!

If you have any of the symptoms described above, do not panic, you may not be an addict, just one of many people who spend a significant portion of their day on a smartphone. These new devices are really cool and gives you a hint of freedom of expression, but it is not always the case. Step back and remember to offer a break to the technology


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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