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Apple launched iPad 4 few days ago, here is the review. The tablet landscape has changed significantly since Apple launched the third-generation iPad (iPad 3) back in March 2012. The competition has increased and major companies like Google and Microsoft are now offering affordable tablets with innovative features.

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Yet the latest version of the iPad (iPad 4) still manages to shine in the midst of all the competition with a superb screen, powerful performance and a massive number of apps to complement it.

iPad 4 Design

The iPad 4 has a typical design with a metal and glass chassis, something still unusual in the world of tablets. Its sleek body may make it seem delicate but the device feels perfectly at home when you hold it with both hands. It’s certainly not a device you’d be comfortable holding in one hand alone as the 1.4 pound structure isn’t all that lightweight.

The traditional home button may seem redundant to many but it features on the iPad 4 anyway. The volume buttons and the lock switch that can alternate between mute control and rotation lock continue to be on the side. The headphone jack remains where it’s always been; so do the speakers. On the whole, there is no change in the overall look. Apple has been known to be constantly evolving with its devices and a revamped design seems slightly due on the iPad now that three of the models have boasted similar design.


It is the new A6X processor that marks a radical shift from the third-gen iPad which had an A5X processor. The A6X processor is ARM-based and features quad-core graphics. The fourth-gen iPad is surely the fastest Apple device around significantly improving upon iPad 3. For instance, the boot time is greatly reduced than before.


All the latest iOS devices are now shipped with a Lightning connector instead of the 30-pin and iPad 4 is no exception. The AC adapter is now 12W, an upgrade from the older 10 W. The iPad now charges faster and also promises a long battery life with claims of 10 hours of video time.


The iPad 4 also has LTE models that work with a larger number of international network providers. This will facilitate connectivity when traveling abroad. These models that are available in AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are slightly pricier as compared to the Wi-Fi only options at an additional $130. The Wi-Fi is dual band in iPad 4 which will no doubt provide faster internet speeds.

Improved camera

The Retina Display doesn’t cease to amaze and continues to be unparalleled among tablets. With a 9.7 inch IPS screen and a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, the iPad 4 delivers vivid colors and high-quality photos and videos. A single glance will tell you that the text looks absolutely crisp and clear.

But none of these features are a level up from the iPad 3 which also has a fantastic Retina Display. The rear camera on the iPad 4 also continues to be 5 megapixels, no change from the precious version. Compared to the iPhone 5 its image quality still lags behind. The FaceTime camera on the other hand is now HD with 720p video and sharper images.


Pricing is the same starting at $499 (US) for the WiFi only 16GB model going up to $829 for the WiFi+Cellular model.

iPad 4 Verdict

Since 2010 Apple has released a new edition of the iPad each year. The launch of the fourth-gen iPad- iPad 4 took everyone by surprise because not only had Apple released its previous version earlier this year but also just introduced a brand new iPad mini.

Although the look and feel of the fourth-gen iPad isn’t that much different from the older version, the release may sadden the owners of the third-gen iPad a bit since iPad 4 does pack in a faster processor that offers better speed and superior graphics.


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