5 Best Windows 8 Apps For Every Windows 8 User

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Here is the list of 5 Best Windows 8 Apps For Every Windows 8 User. Windows 8 is the latest and advanced OS and has many interesting features which the previous versions don’t have. The most interesting and eye catching feature that grab maximum attention is the “store”. Interestingly, it is easy to beautify your computer with powerful apps like multimedia, games, productivity tools and much more.

Windows 8 apps

All these can be automatically installed on your Windows 8 PCs just with few clicks. It is claimed to be the best OS ever and is mind-blowing for tech geeks because it embrace thousands of interesting apps waiting for your kind consideration. Microsoft is introducing the operating system for all devices such as PC, Mobile OS and Tablets under a single framework. The dedicated windows 8 app store offers the following 5 amazing Windows 8 Apps to boost your computer experience.

Windows 8 Apps



One of the top Windows 8 apps is WordPress. People who own a blog can set up this stunning app on their PCs and then, they don’t have to work online. Forget the online WordPress interface and make use of this functional app. You can modify, delete and create posts easily. Moreover, it enables you to share links, quotes and photos from the other blogs whenever you want.

News Bento

News Bento

Launch this fantastic app on your PC and a set of tiles will constantly show you the recent news with headlines and photos from leading U.S sites. You can access other news via Google Reader grouped with RSS and more updates link. The summaries are neatly and professionally displayed in different panels. You can read the entire story inside the app by clicking the tile thus, avoids irritating switching from external browsers.



Another appealing Windows 8 app is WeatherBug. It gives an immediate access to detailed info about current weather and also what it would be in the coming few days. It features a big picture with temperature, images, humidity, speed, pressure and much more. This app shows notifications about snow, rain, freezing temperature, fog and more. This is one of the configurable and powerful weather apps.

Multimedia 8

This is one of the most demanding app for music lovers for making your computer time more fun and pleasant. Multimedia 8 makes browsing for videos, music and playlist easy. With a single touch or click, you can get music files on a web or media server. The best thing is, it also supports 3D videos and has the capability to transform videos to WMV or MP4, playlist creation, video stabilization, audio and video recording and more.

Ashampoo Image FX

Another ravishing window 8 app is Ashampoo Image FX. It is an amazing photo editor app which is simple to navigate and has handy tools. A single image worth thousands of words and this app adds more to its beauty and value. This is something you can’t miss because it aids to your beauty and brings more likes from Facebook, Twitter etc. for you.

Apart from above mentioned Windows 8 Apps has priceless other easy and beneficial apps like Evernote, Free books, TuneIn radio, daily wallpaper, Wikipedia and many more. If you know more such great Windows 8 Apps then share with us via comments below.


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