7 Effective Ways To Work Faster On Windows 8

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Now there are more and more tablets running Windows 8 which main difference is having a new Modern UI interface. This interface is much more convenient in comparison with a “normal” window interface.


We chose seven main features of the Modern UI, familiarity with which will speed up the work with files and applications. So, here are they.

#1: Easy applications closing.

Not all programs have a standard “X” button, which takes place at the touch of their closure. Modern UI offers an alternative method, which will be more convenient for many people: all you need is just to close the application window is to pull it to the bottom of the display.

#2:  Virtual right mouse button.

Let’s imagine that we are working with Windows 8 on a tablet, where there is no mouse or touchpad, and a context menu is very necessary. In the Modern UI this feature is implemented: if you just click on the application icon, it will run in a normal mode, while to display the shortcut menu, press and hold the icon. It applies to regular files as well.

#3: Split Screen feature.

It is often necessary to work simultaneously in multiple applications, but we don’t have a keyboard to press Alt + Tab. Modern UI has virtually split the screen in half to size the windows of the two most frequently used programs. It is enough to move the finger from the left or right part to the center, depending on the desired position of the windows.

#4: Quick access to system settings.

It is no longer necessary to search for the control panel in the “Start” menu, which, by the way, is not here (for now) in Window 8. The new interface provides the following fast solutions: move your finger from the right edge of the screen to the center, it activates a mini-menu with icons to access the control panel and a number of other system settings.

#5: Internet Explorer user experience.

IE browser works in the full-screen mode without any buttons, menus, and toolbars. Modern UI provides instant access to all functions of the browser: you only need slide your finger from the top of the screen in the direction of the center.

#6: «Pin to Start»

Since the Modern UI replaces the “Start” menu, it would be a good idea to place it in the icons of commonly used programs. This interface has such a possibility: it is sufficient to find the correct executable program, open the context menu and select an option from the list «Pin to Start». It also works for Web sites: the home screen can be turned into a kind of collection of web bookmarks.

#7: Creation of user gestures.

All modern displays support multiple touches, and it is widely used in the Modern UI. The so-called gesture control makes the access to the right folders, files and programs faster and easier.


Vishal Gaikar

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