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If you want to try Windows 8 but do not want to delete anything from your computer, then here is the solution for you. Now you can install Windows 8 operating system through VMWare player 5, a freeware program that allows you to install Windows 8 in a virtual way , without touching anything on your computer.


Although there are other programs that you can install Windows 8 virtually like VirtualBox , the truth they have presented some problems when trying to install, such as not detect the network card and so on. That’s why VMWare Player 5 is a good option when you install Windows 8 virtually, as they have fixed all the bugs and problems that had in version 4 and also considered the problems facing in VirtualBox.

This version of VMWare Player 5 automatically detects the installation of Windows 8, we simply have to select the ISO image and mount it to the Virtual CD, hence start installing Windows as we know it.


VMWare Player 5 is designed so you can run Windows 8 so there should be no problem, on the other hand this version brings multitouch support, a simple installation mode, support for USB 3.0 and Unity.

VMware Player is the easiest way to run multiple operating systems at the same time on your PC. With its user-friendly interface, VMware Player makes it effortless for anyone to try out Windows 8, Windows 7 or the latest Linux releases, or create isolated virtual machines to safely test new software and surf the Web.

If you are a Mac user then you should choose VMware Fusion 5.0, which benefits from a simplified installation routine – just double-click VMware to install or upgrade VMware Fusion.

Among others are bringing better support 2TB hard drives , support of 4 virtual processors, encrypted virtual machines and even 64GB of memory per virtual machine.

Download VMWare Player 5


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