Google EMD Algorithm Update: Good Or Bad?

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This article will cover all aspects about Google EMD Algorithm Update. Internet users, webmasters and website owners must have noticed the new change corporate giant, Google has made. This change has changed the way Google selects and displays websites on the various search result pages. Half way this year, Google hit the headlines for incorporating yet another set of changes in its algorithm. Google’s project freshness was launched at that time.

EMD Algorithm Update

This was a huge change in the way content for a search result was being displayed. Per this project freshness change while searching using Google, when more than one document from one domain name is relevant for the keyword search, you will be directed to the latest content on the website. This project was a huge success as internet users were directed to only the latest content of web pages.

Google is known for incorporating changes of this kind to produce better search results per search. One of the latest of the changes that Google has incorporated is the Exact Match Domain EMD algorithm update. The update was announced by Matt Cutts on the 28th of September. Just like there are two sides to a coin, Google’s EMD algorithm update too has its advantages and disadvantages.

The reason why the Exact Match Domain EMD Algorithm Update was introduced is probably to enhance the search results. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape is an ever changing one. Web creators make use of EMD’s with the intention of having their websites ranked among the top search results. The irony is that not all websites that rank on the top search results of Google have quality content.

As a user, you must have encountered this situation at least once while using Google search engine. When you type in your keywords to search for information on a specific subject, there could have been times when the top three websites on the search result did not pull up the information that you were looking for. Websites equipped with low quality content, smartly make use of EMD’s to find a place in the top search results of Google.

As a Google user, there must have been instances that you land on a webpage that has content that is irrelevant to your keyword search. There are many-a-problems because of this. One of the problems is that websites that have quality content which can be of great help to the user are not listed on the top search results. As a user you could have missed visiting such quality web pages. This had been the situation for many years.

However, there is some good news for all of us. Google has changed all of this. Thanks to the EMD algorithm update. You can expect Google to deliver websites that have quality content that match the users’ keyword search among the top search results. This EMD algorithm update will go a long way in shifting the way search results are displayed. Nevertheless, media analysts strongly believe that Google’s EMD algorithm update will affect only 0.6 per cent of US English queries.

There is some bad news in store for a few websites though. Many websites choose to include their primary keyword in their domain name. These kind of websites may not have their brand name incorporated in their domain name and their keywords can have low or no relevance to the content on their website.

Such websites are sure to find a slip in their rankings on Google’s search result pages. SEO companies must have read these warning signals by now. One of the best ways to fix this is to create quality content for web pages thus providing the best information for the users’ search.


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