7 Good Reasons Why You Should Pick Android 4.1 Against iOS 6

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Amidst the different operating systems these days, there are two that are currently making waves among expectant gadget lovers and these are Google’s Android 4.1 and Apple’s iOS 6. These two operating systems continue to struggle against each other by coming up with amazing features and being launched almost concurrently. Whether it is by coincidence or one of them is doing it on purpose, their simultaneous timing in launching their product makes the competition between the two as fierce as it can get.

android-4-1-jelly-bean vs iOS 6

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For the purpose of this article, we will be laying out the 7 reasons why you should choose Android 4.1 over the iOS 6:

1. Data synchronization

Google has finally joined the cloud computing bandwagon by allowing users of the Android 4.1 device to store and synchronize their data and files in the cloud.

2. Excellent navigation and maps

The Android 4.1 will now include Google Maps which is regarded today as the best mapping service in the world. Even Apple will attest to Google Maps’ excellence since they have this application as default service in their several platforms.

3. Google Now is better than Siri

While Android device owners were left in envy with iPhone’s Siri, they now have the upper hand with a better, more responsive and smarter voice assistant dubbed as Google Now. Check out the video below with detailed comparison;

4. Remarkable performance improvements

Google is quick to boast that with the Android 4.1, users will experience a significant difference in the performance particularly the ‘fast, fluid, and smooth’ shifting between the home screens or apps.

5. Wide array of apps

Android 4.1 device users can certainly have the apps that they desire or need from Google Play’s thousands of available apps. Even with the apps that are available in iOS version, consumers can search for it in Google Play’s search.

6. Google wallet

If Apple has the Passbook, Google has the Google Wallet which can do an amazing job of letting the user make mobile payments conveniently, with the use of the near field communication or NFC technology.

7. Faster start-up and response times

Since the Android 4.1 is developed with the Project Butter ingenuity, this operating system can ensure faster response times and start-up, other than the extensive battery life and optimized hardware.

Final Words

This list can definitely give consumers a good reason to choose the Android 4.1 over the iOS 6 but certainly, there are more features of the Android 4.1 that people will find amazing and worthy to get.


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