Top 5 things that your Smartphone has Substituted

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Imagine a day without your Smartphone. Well! It seems difficult to imagine, Right? That’s what Smartphones have done. They have become our companion in every activity, be it communication, banking, entertainment, gaming or getting educated, the smartphone can do it all.


Ironically, in some countries, the number of people using smartphones is more than the number of public toilets the country has.

Certainly, the technology revolution has made your smartphone more than just a telecommunication device. Today, you can start an AC, kickstart your car and even do certified courses through your smartphone. Undoubtedly, the transformation is positive, it has brought people closer, irrespective of the geographical barriers.

Let’s look at the top 5 things that your Smartphone has replaced or is soon going to replace.

1. Phone Banking

In rural areas where people had to travel miles to reach their bank, today the access is granted at a single tap of a button. Phone Banking is the most convenient and preferred mode of sending and receiving money. It has replaced the traditional method of standing in a long queue to perform transactions. Further with e-wallets, spending money is no more about the cash you carry. These cashless transactions are easy and more secure.

2. Makes health care available to all

As smartphones have found a place in every pocket, the concept of mHealth has emerged. This has enabled people from every walk of life, in every region to get access to the best health care. The mHealth programs connect rural communities to the world-class healthcare services through smartphones. From doctor consultation to ordering medicines, everything is possible through mHealth.

3. Handheld Entertainment

Smart Phones have revolutionized the way, people consumed entertainment. Today there is no prime-time concept, you can access Shows and movies from your phone, anytime, anywhere. Netflix and Amazon Prime are watched by millions on their smartphones. In fact with NordVPN, users can browse the web securely and anonymously. You will be happy to know that NordVPN usually works with Netflix.

Through NordVPN you can get access to the international Netflix catalog, regardless of the country or region from where you have logged in. With so many upgradations, smartphones have replaced

4. Transportation at your Fingertips

Another radical transformation has happened in the transportation sector, today

you can book a car, a bus, a train, and a flight, using your smartphone. Today there are multiple apps, that allow you to book transport from anywhere with just a click. Moreover, these apps are GPS friendly, which means that you can track your journey, share your location and reach your destination safely, without being cheated. So, no more standing in a queue to book a bus or a train, your smartphone is your all-rounder travel agent.

5. Mobile is the new Marketplace

From hairpins to air-conditions, today you can order anything online from your smartphone. From manufacturers to brands, everyone is present on the e-commerce platform, because that is the new recreation for most people.

Today shopping is no more a need-based activity, it is an impulsive act. The comfort of buying goods without hopping shops is creating more sales and generating greater revenues.


Smartphones are a boon to any economy. For consumers it is a multi-purpose friend, that can help you in more than 10 ways. Being said that, smartphones have also replaced the warmth in relationship with a convenient WhatsApp forward, so while we enjoy the commercial and practical benefits of technology, let it not take away the good old human values and relationships.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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