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Though it’s less than a year old, the iPhone 8 doesn’t have the best reputation. Journalist around the world — from Mashable and Wired to CNBC and Forbes — call it Apple’s most boring handset. When released at the same time as the company’s flagship, the iPhone X, it never stood a chance. And now, with rumors that suggest Apple’s upcoming lineup will include a second-generation X and SE, there’s no hope for your 8 becoming the world’s most-loved handset.

Not that you care. It’s your favorite generation of iPhone for a reason, and despite being labelled a bore, it’s otherwise a good phone. However, it’s understandable you would want to freshen up the 8. Though it may never have the media coverage of the X, the 8 has potential. The following five items can give it some pizazz.

1. Wireless headphones

It’s been years since Apple revolutionized the iPhone’s design by removing the headphone jack. While the 8 managed to escape their latest redesign in the X where they replaced Touch ID with Face ID, it wasn’t so lucky with the headphone jack.

Wireless headphones

Wireless is a must-have for any 8 owner. When you’re ready for crisp and convenient listening to your next playlist or podcast, check out the Sony WH-1000XM2 from Sony. These over-the-ear headphones have impressive noise cancellation tech built in, so you never miss a beat.

2. An iPhone stand/charger

Keeping your phone charged can be a challenge on a good day, but when you’re travelling, it can feel down-right impossible. The Nomad Wireless Travel Stand makes light work of your — at times — Herculean task. It uses Qi-enabled wireless charging to give your dying 8 a boost without any of the connecting cords.

iPhone stand charger

While it’s giving your 8 the juice it needs, it’s also a sophisticated addition to your iPhone arsenal. Its premium black leather stand looks great at an angle or collapsed as a flat dock, and its rubber base makes sure it always stays put where you leave it.

3. An iPhone wrap

Though you may not have the budget for a brand-new handset, you can get the next best thing with an iPhone wrap. Also known as a skin, these accessories transform a beat-up smartphone into a pristine gadget with very little effort. They simply apply like a decal to cover up cosmetic damages.

If you’re starting to sweat because of the word ‘decal’, don’t worry. When you shop from dbrand’s selection of skins, these wraps don’t leave behind any residue that can harm your phone. They use premium 3M vinyl in all their designs to ensure a smooth application and even smoother peel.

When it comes to skins iPhone lovers know dbrand can deliver style. Check out their skin builder where you can customize your iPhone 8 in the latest looks, including stone, hardwood, or carbon fiber textures.

4. A screen protector

Why go to all that trouble protecting and personalizing your smartphone only to leave its touchscreen vulnerable to daily wear and tear? Though a wrap increases its grip, it doesn’t prevent accidents from causing a screen-cracking drop.

Meanwhile, forcing it to share a space with all the loose items you keep in your pocket or bag is just asking for trouble — pens and coins can scour deep and unsightly scratches into the glass of your 8. Prevent this from happening by equipping it with an Anker Karapax protector. Its dual-layered tempered glass can absorb some of the shock of a drop, and it prevents any sharp objects from scouring a line into your precious screen.

5. An iPhone fitness armband

If you’ve ever run without an armband, you know how frustrating it can be to take your 8 along for your jog. In between worrying about dropping it during a heat, you’re constantly battling the screen with your sweaty fingers.

iPhone fitness armband

There’s nothing worse than not being able to skip a boring song during a tough part of your run, so don’t let clammy hands ruin your workout ever again by getting the Tribe AB37 armband. It’s water resistant, which means it’s sweatproof, so you can change songs without any frustration.

Despite being a well-made phone, the 8 earned its boring reputation almost as soon as it was released. That being said, it doesn’t need much for you to elevate it into another stratosphere. Boring can mean good. All you need are these essential accessories to take it from good to great.


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