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I have sorted 5 Stunning Android Camera Apps. Google’s Android is the world’s ruling Smartphone platform, used and loved by everyone. Android is basically a Linux-based system created by Google itself via open house set. Android platform and application have grown popular among cellular phone users. While Android was a creation specifically for Smartphones as well as tablets, its customizable character allows it to be operated on laptops and netbooks, smart books, and smart TVs etc.

Until the advent of the Android Smartphone Software there was a shortcoming – a pinnacle of modification. This point was the optimal combination of functionality and form that magically balances between performance and productivity. A point where you’ve combined the best available kernel, the best performing radio, the best available software, the perfect profile, the optimal arrangement of widgets, and then made your customizations portable to any Rom of your choosing with a quick wipe, flash and swap. Android fulfills this.

Listed below are the top 5 Android Camera Apps improvising upon photography:

1. HDR Camera


Even amateurs can identify HDR photography. Their unmatchable manifestation is often recognized by signature qualities such as high contrast, ideal satirized colors and unmistakable whimsical looks. The HDR Camera for Android is packed with features! Tone mapping parameters, especially contrast, color vividness and exposures can easily be controlled and monitored. There is still a lot more! The HDR Camera is the ultimate photographer’s choice. Now overcome the limitation that your mobile phone’s camera.

2. Camera 360


This application helps in customizing your photos in a brand new way. With unbeatable stand-alone features, this exclusive application, Camera 360 can be your sole camera app. majorly because it offers high speed snapshots and quick customization of even preexisting photos. Users may add frames as well as extra scenery to your photos and apply filters. In short, the phenomenal Camera 360 is easy , simple yet highly efficient and user friendly.

3. Retro Camera


Retro Camera is your idealistic android application if you wish for proper saturated colors each time you snap a memory. It gives a remarkable effect as though the picture was taken years ago. This is an enjoyable and sensational android application offering high-quality camera effects. These help amplify your captured photos with effects like vignetting, black and white, film scratch and cross-processing.

4. After Focus


With After Focus, create your own DSLR-style background blurred photo with just a few tricks to learn and use. Also, create natural and realistic photographs with this application through its quick customizing options that perfectly fits in your small android phone’s screen. The most distinctive and appealing feature of After-focus is that it is absolutely free. So there is no point waiting you have to grab it as soon as possible.

5. Cymera


With multiple photo editing functions, sharing options, enhancement and many more features, Cymera has earned its repute as the best android application for camera replacement. Its new improved features that have out beaten other android applications include:

  • Comfort; besides user friendly and reliability of this application, the jewel in the crown for Cymera has to be its facial recognition features by the latest updated technology.
  • What adds more is that it includes a variety of filters, various light effects, patronized and customized borders plus stickers too.
  • Lastly, the Focus screen has 9 divisions for more accurate shots. Truly, this application has turned out better than expected since their last upgrading.

Google’s android today stands as top most smartphone operating platform in the world. Gradually, it can be seen taking over the tablets and laptops too.

Android present everywhere today still has uniqueness when compared to other such operating systems. Download these Android Camera Apps and have some fun.


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