7 Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps

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Here are 7 best Windows Phone 7 apps. Windows phones are getting popularity day by day and with the launch of Nokia’s lumia series is a great contender to the market leaders- iOS and android. Contrary to what people expected, the Windows phone operating system looks real good as well as is packed with great applications for both entertainment as well as productivity.

Windows Phone 7 Apps

However one can always increase the effectiveness of their windows phones by adding some more applications. Following is a list of best Windows Phone 7 apps..

Best Windows Phone 7 apps

1. Facebook

Although the built in Facebook feature provides you the option to check and updates status, it lacks in many other essential features. It is hence good to install the facebook application so that you can do much more than just update status. You can download the application for FREE from the Windows marketplace.

2. Amazon Kindle

The Kindle application from Amazon lets you access more than 70000 titles on different genres. After installing the application you can easily sync all your Kindle books across all your kindle compatible devices. It gives you the option to read in either portrait or landscape mode. The application is available for Free in the Windows marketplace.

3. MS Skydrive

Microsoft has its own storage solution aka the Skydrive. The Skydrive provides Windows phones with 25 GB of storage for FREE which is way higher than what most of the other storage applications provide which is usually 2-5GB. You can access your data across different devices as well as get the extra storage option for your limited mobile phone memory.

4. Netflix

If you have a Netflix account or simply would like to stream movies and other videos on your phone, then you can use the Netflix application available for your windows device. It provides great movie and video experience on your windows phone. The application is available for FREE but one has to subscribe to Netflix for the real goods.

5. Password Padlock

This is the ultimate place to store all your passwords. All you need to do is to remember a single password and store everything else in the application. It integrates with the built in browser to provide you the seamless login facilities to various sites. The application is available for $0.99 in the Windows marketplace.

6. Pictures Lab

Pictures lab is one cool application for all your photo editing needs. You can do a lot with this great application including editing, flipping and applying a whole range of camera effects to the picture. It also comes with some great advance filter options. The application is available for $2.99 and can fulfill all your image editing needs.

7. Weather Bug

It is an application similar to what you have seen in Android and iOS phones. The application shows live details of weather conditions for different places. The application runs on the main screen and can be pinned to the start menu. It is available for FREE in the Windows marketplace.

If you know more best Windows Phone 7 apps then share with us via comments below.


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