WordPress Design Tips for Newcomers – Things to Do and What to Avoid

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Since websites have their specific audiences that have their own preferences, website design can vary widely and as long as they find acceptance with the visitors there’s nothing to complain about.

WordPress Design

However, every website developer, regardless of whether he is experienced or designing his very first website, should keep in mind the need to enable and empower visitors, not overwhelm them.

Good Web Design Characteristics

Good website designs are essentially those that are able to engage visitors and lead them to make the desired action. It is quite possible to have a website that looks extremely attractive but which is unable to deliver the required conversions.

Remember, the website has been designed with a purpose and that is not to just look good but to produce results that are desirable. Most web design experts tend to agree that a good website design is characterized by traits like function, usability, and aesthetics.

Elements to Take Care of When Designing a WordPress Website

Make the navigation menu extremely simple

It is very important that visitors don’t find your site cluttered and confusing. Even if you have a number of functions that are useful, you need to figure out the priority levels and arrange them in such a way that you have a maximum of five-eight top-level menu items; the rest can be in sub-menus.

If the site navigation is difficult itwill cause frustration and visitors will abandon the site, perhaps never to return again. Extensive testing can usually throw up the problem areas that can then be straightened out.

Include the search bar

Numerous WP themes and frameworks incorporate the search bar as a matter of course, however in the event that yours doesn’t make sure to include it with a widget. Not exclusively does it make the site more easy to use, the searches individuals perform can help manage your content creation designs by telling you what your guests need and need.

Be consistent in the website design and color scheme

Design from the mentality of your prospects/visitors. Be clear about what you offer and where visitors can discover the solutions to their inquiries by utilizing reduced layouts. Utilize the same WordPress page layouts all through the pages along a client way to stay away from disarray.

Inexperienced web developers often make the mistake of experimenting with too many color schemes and design elements when putting together a WordPress website in an effort to demonstrate their knowledge. Including too many colors and design elements only serves to confuse and distract users. The best websites invariably use a limited color palette, keep their design simple and minimalist, and reinforce the look by adopting it consistently across all the web pages.

Communicate better with clear fonts and high-quality images

The entire purpose of a website is to communicate and persuade users to take the desired action. The communication is done best with a good balance of text and images.

Ensure that the text can be read easily even on the smallest of screens under challenging conditions; choose fonts that are clear and keep the type size large. Images are critical to the communication process so be sure to use images that are of good-quality and original. Using stock images can be a big turnoff and lead users to discount the contents of your site.

Images will represent the moment of truth the presence of your site. Poor picture decision is the most widely recognized mix-up I experience in new websites. On the off chance that you intend to utilize images, don’t shoddy out — it will think about ineffectively your image. Great images will cost you a couple of bucks.

Extraordinary images will cost you in excess of a couple of bucks. On the off chance that you don’t have the financial plan for quality photography, there are a couple of alternatives for discovering great free imagery.

Free Photo Resources like Unsplash, Instagram, stock.xchng .Paid Photo Resources like istockphoto.com, veer.com, shutterstock.com, gettyimages.com


The best web designs are those that make it very clear at the outset what the website is all about and who can benefit from it. Ensure that the website design is able to communicate to visitors that they have accessed the right resource and they will find all the answers there.


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