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Spy Hunter for Windows Phone 8 is not only unique and distinct from others, but it can give goose bumps to those who have the intention to secretly open and scan your phone. Yes, it is true that now you can detect it and thus be able to keep your privacy intact like never before.


The arrival of this application also marks the fact that now you can store ‘whatever’ you wants to. Now you can expose the spies and the persons who may have slight interest in intruding into your life through your phone. Phone is almost a synonymous word for life. Thus, it is clear that intruding into your phone will mean spying and intruding into the best and private moments of your life.

Intrusion of any kind is deemed unfit and immoral. Thus, the spy hunter for Windows Phone 8 literally hunts down the person who is spying into your world of privacy in your phone.


Once you install the application, you can go feel relieved and free and your ‘personal’ things will remain ‘personal’ once and for all. Phones have the highest and greatest chance to get accessed by any kith and kin. This problem has led to the innovation and invention of such an application.

Necessity is after all, the mother of invention. It became necessary for making an app that cannot only protect your phone for being spied and but tracks down the spy. Sending alarms before the accident is always a better option, prevention, as they say, is better than cure.

To add more, this Spy Hunter application will function on all the Windows Phone sets that are having frontal camera. Thus, things get easier here. Now, take a glance at its uniqueness. While somebody is trespassing (gaining unauthorized entry) into the phone, capturing (hidden) and sound recording will start doing its work. As a result alarm will be activated and will ring, thus creating a panic and sending flutters to the heart of the intruder.


The photos, images and pictures (whatever it may be called) can only be seen and accessed from the gallery of the application. It is now safe and sound.

Spy Hunter is new and is terrific. If anybody even tries to guess the PIN code of the phone, it will send you the alarm and thus will make you alert and active. Just installing this application is enough. The pictures, the clicked images and the like items are stored in the device and also protected and kept in safe vault through PIN.

What more do you need? Nobody wants that his or her privacy must be made a public issue or the like. So, this Windows Phone app will make things easier and thus you can have your most private items kept intact. The images are stored in a very special storage meant for them. You can directly ensnare the tiles on your desktop.

The photos are also automatically and without any hassle get saved to SkyDrive. There is no need to worry about the application and its function. It is there is help and protect your phone. Just make sure that your phone supports Windows 8 and the rest will be taken care of by this unique app.

More terrifying feature for the spies is that the social networking sites will be informed by sending messages about the supposed attempt to access and intrude into the phone. Now, it can be said without any doubt or second thoughts that this app is really the best of all.

Just install Spy Hunter app in your Windows 8 phone and sleep without a slight hint of tension or anxiety.

A Free version of Spy hunter will limited features is available for Windows 8 phone which you can download it from the below given link. There is a Premium version too which costs 1.49 USD only and you can enjoy all the features of Spy Hunter. Download it today and enjoy.


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