Top Five Highly Rated Mobile Apps of 2012

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If you want to know what can be the cool MOBILE apps for your new smartphone and if you are bored with in-built boring apps then you are at right place. There are a large number of awesome Mobile Apps on the internet which you can download for free and make your mobile phone more functional.

These days several new smartphones are available in the market that provides access to any app store to get different Mobile Apps for free. Some of the highly rated mobile apps which you can download from the web are:

1. Adobe reader LE

adobe reader free Top Five Highly Rated Mobile Apps of 2012

This app allows you to read PDF documents on your mobile phones. It offers features like zooming, panning and some features to make the fonts easier to read in zoomed document. It has search features that help you to search for the particular phrase in the document. It can easily handle the encrypted documents but can’t fill in forms. It is a relatively small app which is can used for opening large files, but most times it is not advisable.

2. Advanced Task Killer

The latest versions of android smartphones can multitask easily, but sometimes freeze due to large number of background active programs. This app is useful as it lists these background programmes and allows user to close down background programmes at once.  It provides a “Kill selected apps” button to kill the unnecessary apps and an ‘ignore list’ to hide the necessary programmes.

3. Vlingo

vlingo Top Five Highly Rated Mobile Apps of 2012

This Iphone app allows you to tell your phone what to do. The “tell” here means speaking into the phone to command a particular task for the phone to carry out. You can tell the phone to do anything you want to do, with just a click of a button, like sending an email, updating a post on Facebook or twitter, or sending a message and your phone will convert your speech into text and ultimately the resulting action. This app converts your verbal instructions into actions and provides you with the ability to use your mobile phone with voice commands.

4. Psiloc remote control

It is an amazing app for Symbian platform which allows you to use your phone as a universal remote. It consists of a large number of lists from which you can choose the device you want to interface with. Your smartphone must have an infrared port for this app to function. It is great app that allows you to instantly control devices anywhere.

5. Evernote

Evernote Top Five Highly Rated Mobile Apps of 2012

It is a universal notepad which allows you to make notes in almost any format, such as audio, video or images. The notes taken can be stored on their online service which makes your files accessible from any platform and from anywhere.

There are many useful apps on iTunes. Many companies are releasing their own apps for their customers to have access on the move. have produced their own app which can be found on the iTunes network free to download. It provides the entire Motors database for anyone to view and make specific searches.

Do you know more apps which you want to add into the above list?


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