10 Best Android Apps to Track Your Spending

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Want to keep track of your spending with android apps in the palm of your hands? If you’re one of the millions of people who now have a smart phone powered by Google’s Android operating system, then check out these apps and get a grip on the condition of your personal finances. Without further ado, here are the 10 best Android apps to track your spending!

android apps track spending

1. Loot (Free)

The Loot app is an excellent way to keep track of the money you spend, as well as the money you have. It is known for its simplicity, allowing users to keep an electronic record of their checkbook on their Android phone. With a screen layout that is easy to follow, you can enter your initial balance, and log any bills and purchases made.

2. Personal Budget Droid (Free)

The Personal Budget Droid app tracks your very own budgets and bills. It creates a monthly budget for your various expenses, letting users sort spending by type. For every category you create, Personal Budget Droid will record each transaction and the remaining amount in every category. For people with various budgets, this app is very efficient.

3. FireWallet ($6.99)

Interested in keeping track of your finances in the palm of your hand? If so, FireWallet is a great option. This budget application for Android is known for making it easy to add transactions to each of your accounts. By allowing users to keep track of their budgeting by the month, it is nearly impossible to overspend! FireWallet also has great customization features, letting users create personalized icons for each account.

4. Budgets (Free)

The Budgets Android App is perfect for helping you track your spending and keeping a budget. Users can see their total income and total expenses for a designated period, plus which expenses they are spending the most on and which they are going over budget on. With a simple and easy to use design, it is no wonder that Budgets has seen increased downloads as of late.

5. Checkbook (Free)

Checkbook is a great Android app that allows you to manage your money from your phone. Users can check the amount of money in their checking and savings account with Checkbook’s simple user interface. This makes it nearly impossible to overdraft, thus saving users from the large overdraft fees banks often like to charge!

6. Pay Off Debt ($2.99)

Pay Off Debt is a great app that is designed to help you create and use a debt snowball to focus your debt reduction efforts. Users can record payments to make sure they are being responsible. One of the main features of Pay Off Debt is the ability to order debts in order of your choice, such as lowest to highest balance, or in a custom order selected by you. You’ll be debt-free in no time!

7. Mint.com Personal Finance (Free)

With the Mint.com Personal Finance Android app, users can use their simple spreadsheet interface to keep track of a number of personal expenses. This app is great for users looking to bracket their spending into specific categories while also tracking all costs. For this reason, this app is a leading personal budgeting app.

8. EasyMoney Personal Finance Manager ($9.95)

EasyMoney helps users track their daily expenses quickly and easily using a simple and powerful user interface. Users receive notification of upcoming and overdue bills, including one-time payments and recurring bills. Want to remember you payed a bill? Take a picture of it and EasyMoney will record it in its database!

9. Financisto (Free)

Financisto is an open-source personal finance manager. It thrives in the Android market due to the ability to keep track of multiple accounts using multiple currencies. Users can also keep track of scheduled and recurring transactions by making hierarchical categories with custom attributes. With filtering and reporting also a key feature, Financisto is a great free spending app!

10. Easy Envelope Budget Aid: Sync (Free)

With Easy Envelope Budget Aid: Sync, users can keep track of their expenses efficiently. With features that track your checkbook and budget, this app is a proven cash budgeting method. Worried about losing your data? This app automatically syncs with your phone and the web every time you use it so your data is never lost!


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