A Few Things to Consider before Creating a Mobile Website

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As per studies in 2011-12, more than 64 million people in the United States accessed the Internet from a mobile devices or you can say smartphones. And as per studies, 2013 there will be a lot more than 1.8 billion mobile Internet users worldwide.


And I think with those kinds of numbers, it’s imperative that web designers and developers learn optimal mobile web development and design practices for mobile devices. Here are few things which you must consider before creating mobile website for your business.

1. A mobile site has nothing to do with a website

Forget the idea that your desktop website is “sufficient” for the mobile version. The experience on a mobile phone is very different from the experience on a computer. For example, a button on your computer screen will appear on a tiny mobile phone. We must therefore develop a mobile version of your site that meets all the constraints of a mobile phone.

2. Users like to have a choice

Do not forcibly redirect users coming to your website with a mobile phone to your site. Smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated with screens bigger and bigger. Some users may prefer the web version of your website to read on their smartphones. There are number of plugins available for the same, like WP-Touch pro which allows user to select what they prefer, mobile site or desktop site.

3. All mobile phones are not iPhones

As per Apple’s official website, 30% of mobile users uses iPhone. So by making a mobile website that works only on iPhone, it’s insulting 70% of users who have another type of smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S3.

4. But many phones are smartphones

Day by day number of smartphone users are increasing. You can safely create a mobile site a little change, which may contain video or sound.

5. Smartphones have a basic web browser

The iPhone has a browser that supports HTML5, but not Flash. Some browsers on android phones uses or supports Flash, but many HTML5 components are still missing. BlackBerry’s browser can do nothing. In short, browsers on your computer are far more advanced than your mobile. Forget the idea of making a mobile site that breaks bricks.

6. All mobile phones are not connected with a 3G high-speed connection

The place where you have time to use your mobile phone: subway, bus, train.. is often the place where the connection is the most poor. Think before you upload a clip in HD on your mobile website.

7. A mobile site alone is useless

If a person likes your group, he will go on your website, not on your mobile site. The mobile site should serve as an interactive extension of the real world. For example, you can add QRCode in a newspaper article will allow readers to discover your music on his mobile phone.

8. The development of mobile sites is in its infancy

Smartphones are evolving quickly and the solutions to smartphone. For example, you’ll soon sell your music or concert tickets directly on a Smartphone or in stores via  NFC or Facebook using “Facebook Credits”. It will surely not to be missed opportunities.

If you don’t have much knowledge of the mobile web development, then don’t worry, there are number of services available online, which helps you to customize your website for cell phones with one of their many free mobile site templates or use our advanced design studio.


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