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Health is the most important and precious aspect of our life, yet staying fit and healthy is not that easy. However, now-a-days there are plenty of medical applications available on the Google Play Store that can help you maintain your health easily. These medical applications help you find doctors, information on any drug, symptoms and much more.

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So, here we have listed the top 5 best medical apps for Android that will help you take care of your heath and can be accessed completely free of cost.

1. Epocrates

Epocrates is one of the best apps for Android users. You can find information about any drug by searching for it by simply entering its name. It not just provides you with the basic knowledge of the drug and makes you acquainted with the dosage and side effects of a drug but also allows you to directly contact its manufacturer.

The app can even help you in identifying pills by using the code printed on them or other physical characteristics. Moreover, if you are unable to find your medication you can make use of the app to search for its providers.

2. MyChart

MyChart is a handy app that enables its users to get access to their medical records on their phone anytime and anywhere. You can easily and quickly have a look at what all vaccinations you had and when, which medicines you are consuming, when did you last visited the doctor etc. the users can directly schedule visits from within the application, and can even send a message to their clinic and get a response from them within few days.

3. Zocdoc

This app enables you to find doctors in your neighborhood easily. Just enter in the type of doctor you require, date, reasons for your visit, type of insurance you are having and leave the rest on Zocdoc. The app will automatically provide you the list of doctors that are available near you.

You can even read verified reviews posted by other patients that may help you decide a suitable doctor for yourself. You may also access open appointments and book an appointment instantly according to your preferred time. In addition, you can even set your checkup reminders so that you never miss an appointment with your doctor.

4. CareZone

Taking care of your daily medication is an important yet confusing task. However, CareZone helps you solve this problem. The app enables you curate a list of your dosages, medicines, schedules etc from your photo gallery directly. With the help of this app you can even document and share symptoms with your doctor and family.

You can even schedule reminders for your appointments and accumulate important information regarding your insurance using the app.

5. UpToDate

For people who are interested in medical news, working as a professional in some medical institution or simply studying medicine, UpToDate is a quite useful app that helps them in keeping a track of the latest medical developments and news.

You can make use of the ‘What’s New ‘section to go through the headlines or you can even get information on any particular topic like AIPMT 2016 Exam Dates and aipmt 2016 application form correction date. This handy app also features videos on different medical procedures that can be accessed by the users. You can also email any information to your friends or bookmark any page for future references.


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