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If you are a Skype power user, then there are many tips and tricks that you need to know about. You should ensure that you are aware of the chat tricks that are offered to you. This can really help you out and can provide you with the required level of satisfaction which you need to have with you all the time. So, ensure that you have in mind the chat tricks that are there for the Skype users. This is really a necessity that you have to work on to get the best out of the industry.

This is simply an amazing aspect that you are being provided with the chat tricks that are pretty much the real deal. Many of the people spend quite a lot of time in Skype chatting, and if you are also one of them, then you need to ensure that you read this article that can really serve you highly. The following are the cool and fun tricks that can really be handy for you.

Change the Text size and Font

The default and the standard text size for the Skype’s chat users is quite teeny, however, you can go for the text size and font of your choice that can really be amazing for you. You need to go to the tools menu and select the appropriate option.

Display of a contact name

If you are not happy as to how someone’s name is appearing in your Skype chat list, then you must ensure that you go for this trick. All you need to do is to go to contacts and hover over the name that you want to be displayed differently. This would certainly help you to provide an intuitive look to your contact list.

Typing Indicator

This is really a smart trick to have up your sleeves. You can really hide the indicator when you are typing. This can really be fun as the other person would not have an idea as to when you are typing because of the fact that typing indicator is hidden.

Keyword Notifications

You can really set up the notifications for the keywords which is really an important aspect to achieve. You must ensure that you know this trick as it can really be fun as well as helpful for you.

Last Message Edit

If you encounter a tying error then you can easily edit the last message that you have sent, and can send it again quite quickly. This is really something that you need to know about as it can really be helpful for you while chatting on Skype.

Remove or Edit Recent or Last messages

As discussed earlier, you can even remove or edit the recent messages, which is really a trick that you need to know about.

Stop the Animated Emoticons

You can stop the animated emoticons if you feel you are comfortable with those. You can have the complete freedom when you go for the Skype chat room.

Multiple Chat Windows

This is another feature that enables you to open multiple of chat windows that can really be of great utility to you.

Link Breaks

Hold the Shift key and then press enter key to ensure that you get the line breaks in the chat.

Hidden Emoticons

There are many hidden emoticons that you need to know about. (wfh) and the (bug) are the common ones, but there are hundreds of these which you need to search and know about.


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