Where did Microsoft Surface Drop The Ball?

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The Microsoft Surface is Microsoft’s latest technology offering, released in June 2012. It is a well known fact that Microsoft has been a long standing provider of software products. Their fray into hardware is not new, and this new addition to their products shelf is completely manufactured by the company. When one buys a Microsoft software product, there are certain benchmarks for the overall user experience. With hardware added to the mix, the expectations have only increased.

The Microsoft Surface will be in supply from this fall, in two versions – one with Windows 8 Pro and with Windows RT. Most hand held devices and smart phones are trying to remove the stylus as one of its accompanying hardware features. But one of the versions of the Surface will be available with a stylus.

The cover of the Microsoft Surface looks very similar to Apple Inc.’s Smart Cover, only the side of the cover facing the screen has a touch keyboard! This is a bold step forward in the tablet segment. It is rigid and closes perfectly with magnets in the edges. The cover can also be closed backwards, and the touch type facility disables automatically. The keys are separated by small divides. They are touch-sense oriented, which means they do not depress as you type. There could be questions as to how fast one can type on this new surface. Also Read : Is Microsoft’s New Surface tablet An Answer To The IPAD?

The Surface can also be used like a laptop – with the keyboard opened out in front of the user. This is possible because of the kickstand, which runs along the length of the Surface’s back. It holds at a 22 degree angle, which suggests that the inflexibility could give visibility problems. There is a confusion of how the device will detect the switch in typing interface, between keyboard and the screen.

Microsoft’s iconic “Start” button seems to be missing on the user interface. Instead a permanent Windows button has been placed at the bottom of the screen. Most of us are used to certain features, and search them out for comfortable usage when we buy a product. The changed “Start” button will certainly take some getting used to.

Coming from one of the biggest software companies of the century, the most unexpected feature of the Surface, in the reviews, is the sluggish software. The swiping on the touch screen shows a little lag. It gives the feeling of a hung system, slowing recovering from lack of technical glucose.


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