5 Fast Ways to Repurpose Content for more Traffic

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Did you know that you can repurpose content in many ways to get the most out of it?  Do you have all kinds of articles and posts saved on your hard drive? This can be very valuable content that you can use to drive traffic to your blog or website and make more money. It won’t take much to repurpose content and every single time do, you will create backlinks and traffic to your website or blog.

Using content to market a site is a great way to build a reputation, a steady flow of targeted traffic and backlinks to help your ranking in the search engines. Just one article can drive hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website, if used properly.

Here are five easy ways to Repurpose content for more traffic:

Repurpose Content

1.  Turn it into a Video

One of the easiest ways to use your content for more traffic and backlinks is to create a video from it. This can be as simple as reading the article while a slide show is presented. Then, you can submit the video to YouTube and other video sites with a link to your website in the description.

2.  Syndicate the Content

Syndication can help you drive a large amount of traffic to your site in a hurry. You just need to find e-zine or newsletter owners that need content, and most of them do. Then submit your content with a resource box containing a link to your website for the publisher to use in their next issue.

3.  More Article Directories

Maybe you originally submitted your content to a couple of the main article directories, but that was it. There are thousands of article directories you can use, and some of them might be very specific to what your content is about. For example, if you wrote an article about computer tables, you might find an article directory for just computer accessories or even one for computer furniture.

4.  Submit to Forums

Many people don’t realize most forums contain a section for articles. You can find a forum about nearly anything, and if they allow you to submit your articles, then you should. This is a great way to get highly targeted traffic from your content.

5.  Use Document Sharing Sites

You can turn your content into a PDF file and submit it to document storage sites. They usually allow links within the content and within your profile, which means every single time someone downloads your document, they will see your links. This is a great way to turn your old articles into more traffic and backlinks.

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Use all five of these methods for repurpose content, and you will start to see new traffic daily. The backlinks can help you rank higher in the search engine results, and the traffic you do get will be highly targeted. The benefits of Repurpose content can help you make more money from your website or blog, and you don’t even have to write new content. I hope you understand how to repurpose content for more traffic. Stay tuned with us for more tricks.


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