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Blogging has very many definitions depending on how one understands it.  In simple language, it refers to the act of writing on issues of interest and then posting them on blogs so that the readers can read and possibly comment on it.This is just a very simple definition to help you get the idea…every person including you has a unique definition of the term blogging.


Why do people blog?

There are various different reasons why people blog. Some do it as hobby; others do it as way of marketing their business while others do it as a way of making income. If you have passion for writing, you should consider doing blogging as a hobby. The well known bloggers are so popular such that they are celebrities to the readers of their blogs.   If you write as hobby, you will not be earning; you will only be popularizing yourself as a blogger.

How to blog as a hobby

If you are blogging as a hobby and you do not intend to do it as a source of income, you can use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. In these sites, you can draw many visitors and look for more and better interaction. You will greatly enjoy the responses from visitors and friends.

How to blog for money

If you intend to use the blog for business purposes, you should work on it in order to ensure that you get the desired results.  At the initial stages, you are required to look for that product which you want to market. You need to ensure that you generate adequate traffic to your blog.  You must first understand the behaviours and interests of the target clients.

You should work on the formula that will ensure that you can entice as many visitors and readers to your blog site as possible.  The visitors should be actually interested in your services and/or products.  You should entice them to purchase the thing being promoted. The more visitors you entice to buy, the more money that you will be making.

The secret of blogging to success

One secret of blogging to success is by ensuring that you entice the readers and visitors to visit your blog again and again.  To do this, you must ensure that your blogs are very interesting and informative to most of the readers. You should also go through their comments. It makes sense for example when readers appreciate your writing and you respond by saying thanks.  If you respond to the positive comments, the readers will be enticed to visit your blogs frequently.

You also need to encourage the readers to sign up for email alerts. This way, you will be capable of informing them of new offers and recent new blog posts at your site.  Without knowing it, you will be slowly turning your blog into a haven not only of knowledge but also of advertising and promoting products while making money.

Every person in this world looks for the best ways of making money and blogging  as we have seen is one of those ways however, you need to note that  this is not an activity for every, Tom, Dick and Harry.  Before you begin doing, you must be talented and creative. Whatever you write and post must be interesting to the readers.


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