Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Alan Turing on His 100th Birthday

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Google today celebrates the 100th Birthday of Alan Turing with Doodle. Discover the Doodle that can play with the famous Turing machine. To pay tribute to Alan Turing, Google has created a dynamic Doodle featuring the Turing machine , which is an abstract model of computation machines like computers.

Alan Turing Google Doodle

Know more About Alan :

Alan Turing was a British mathematician born on June 23, 1912, author of the seminal paper of computer science who initiated the creation of programmable general purpose computers (PCs). Running through the binary code (0,1) , the Turing machine has a conveyor belt on which a series of binary digits will cause the engine control upstream.

Google offers its Doodle to create the sequence of 0 and 1 for the different reactions part of the machine. The whole thing is to discover on the home page of Google. What do you think?

Famous British mathematician, he is the father of the computer and known to be at the origin of the concepts of algorithm and profoundly affected the discipline of the calculations.

How to Solve Alan Turing Google Doodle ?

Here we will talk more specifically about the Google doodle and how to solve it? Have a look to the following video demonstration which will explain how to solve the doodle.

You should know that Alan Turing worked during World War II research on secret codes generated by the Enigma machine, this one using electro bomb that is reminiscent of the logo of the day. But he also worked on one of the first computers in the world created shortly after World War II and helped during this time so important to the debate about the ability of thinking machines by establishing the Turing test.

Tricks Machine along with it’s readers wishing Alan a very happy Birthday.


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