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Finally Firefox 13 is now available for download. Although Google Chrome is strengthening its market share and be played with Internet Explorer with the first position, the competition between web browsers still open and Mozilla Firefox, which currently remains in third place, continues to evolve to regain lost ground.

After spending just over a month since the arrival of Firefox 12, seems to have time to make the jump to the next version since Firefox 13 is now available for download from the Mozilla official website.

What’s New in the Firefox 13 ?

What developments can be found in the new version of the Mozilla browser? The new Firefox 13 seem to be pretty focused on improving the user experience and therefore from the outset it will be something palpable. For starters, Firefox 13 includes a screen where you can see a grid with thumbnails of 9 most visited pages every time you open a new tab, thus offering quick access to the most visited pages and, to some extent reminds us a bit like a similar feature available in Google Chrome and, equally, we will “anchor” pages that do not want to rotate and, therefore, always want to have hands.

On the other hand, Firefox 13 includes a new chapter in home in which, besides the Google search engine, it offers direct access to downloads, extensions, history, the timing of our profile, our favorite and even subscribe to a newsletter with Mozilla news.

In addition, the new version of Firefox is enabled by default SPDY protocol with the idea of improving load times of pages visited and therefore improve the user experience. In fact, with the idea of improving load times, Firefox 13 also improves the start up time of the application and only charges the initial tab and not the other tabs that we have stored for restoring, improving and recharging time tabs as necessary.

Until tomorrow, surely, Firefox 13 is not available for everyone but if you can not wait for the update is displayed on their homepage, You can download versions for Windows and Mac from here.


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