Effect of Google’s Latest PageRank Update on Bloggers

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Google has lately released its latest PageRank update and that was by 3rd May 2012. All the bloggers over the World Wide Web have mixed ideas about it. For some of them, it turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise as they were able to see their PR’s increasing, whereas for some it turned out to be more of a shock as they noticed their PRs dropping because of this particular update.

As a matter of fact, this particular was not anticipated until this year June, but the PRs are updated after every three to four month, so this one was not entirely out of the blues.

Although this is just another minor update, as Google has been implementing its modifications in the past few months. In the course of high anticipation among numerous bloggers, this particular update has been advantageous more of the blog as compared to its harmed.

After this particular update by Google, PageRank for MBT happens to be the same. However, it still has good news! PR for some of the blogs has also been increased from 0 to 2 or more.

Learn More About Google’s PageRank and How It Actually Works?

For most of the confident bloggers, this is not something new to talk about, as they have been spending most of their time in the past worrying about the latest PR update. On the other hand, all such people who have been new in this field, or those who are not aware of it, Google’s PR is actually a rating mechanism for the web pages on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the best of these ratings. Google has rated itself as 9. It releases updates after every three to four months.

The Google’s PR is in fact its approach of ranking the websites and giving higher priority to superior quality pages. This is for the reason that in the past few years, the issue related to spam blogging was on the rise. What spammers did was that they made use of the automated bots to post comments on other blogs with back links to their own sites.

This enhanced their inbound links and therefore provided them with superior priority as compared to the quality based sites. Consequently, Google introduced such updates and this particular ranking approach so that quality sites are given higher priority. Google takes into account several factors such as SEO, content quantity, back links, and a lot more.

How To Improve PageRank?

Getting Back links

The more quality incoming links you get to your site, the more you will be able to rank higher with Google. There are several different methods when it comes to increasing your back links such as forum participation, article marketing, guest posting and others.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO happens to be exceedingly imperative as well. You can make things go a lot easier for Google to locate and then index your site.

Has Your Ranking Dropped?

In case you are on the other side of the update and your rankings have dropped too, there are chances that you are actually doing something that is going wrong. One of the major reasons in this regard is that you are having poor incoming back links.

You need not to worry about it. This is not going to be the end of the world! You need to get things improved and after the next 3 months you will be able to see the results on your own.


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