How Guest Blogging at Reputable Blogs Can Help Your Writing

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Guest blogging is often considered something meant solely for Internet Marketing (or link building to be more precise). When we look at the posts persuading the guest posting, all we see are the writers magnifying the advantages like one-way links, networking, traffic, recognition, and the likes. And to be honest, all of these advantages are real and quite achievable.

Guest blogging really provides you with all that, but there’s one advantage that I’ve hardly ever seen getting discussed, and that is the wonders it can do to your writing. Keep on reading to see how guest blogging can improve your writing skills.

You learn to write for the very best:

Every time I am writing for a reputed blog, it feels like I am about to give a presentation in front of a board consisting of old-timers. And to get the nod of approval, I’ve got to put my best foot forward, because getting relaxed and getting off the track will either get your post rejected, and even if it isn’t denied publishing, the following comments and response will make you wish that it was never published.

You learn to do your homework:

Writing requires a lot of thinking and research even before you put down your pen to paper. You can get away with halfhearted research and command on the topic, when you are posting at one of your own blogs or some of those article directories, but any such negligence will be picked and thrashed at a majority of good blogs out there. And a couple of such instances will make you realize the importance of doing your homework before writing, and proofreading the post once you’re done with the writing, two habits that will take your writing to a different level altogether.

Learn to write for readers and not search engines:

If you’ve started your freelance writing career a couple of years ago, when article marketing and content farms were all the rage, you might have been living with an illusion that inserting a couple of keywords in the article is the pinnacle of content writing, or that you’ve achieved the heights in your web writing career if your articles have made it into the hundreds of article directories out there. Well, if there was a real litmus test for your writing skills, it is none other than the guest blogging. Thanks to guest blogging, you will eventually learn to write for real readers and not search engines.


Different blogs have different perspectives, different set of audience, writing style, and even different approach towards a similar topic, and you’re required to write with equal intensity and command on topics that you are not very familiar with, or opinions that you don’t agree with (much like the college debates when you are asked to oppose or advocate any given topic, and you’ve to come up with the arguments). This practice of writing for different blogs and topics will provide your writing with much needed versatility, making you a more complete writer.


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