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Anyone who regularly uses Google has undoubtedly noticed one of the biggest changes that they have made in recent memory. When a user performs a search, the search results will now appear instantly as he types. In addition, gray words will appear in the search box to give the user suggestions for completing the search.

While this may be a boon from the standpoint of Google Internet searchers, search engine optimization companies have expressed a bit of concern over this new development.

Some people familiar with the SEO industry feel that the change may cause a complete overhaul of traditional SEO strategies, while others claim that SEO as we know it is dead. Since Google Instant is so new, there is not a lot of data for researchers to analyze, and it is still in an “optional” phase.

How SEO is affected ??

The reason that many search engine marketing commentators are so worried is that the Internet searcher will now be getting quite a bit of feedback from Google in the middle of their search. As everyone knows, when someone gets feedback during the course of an action, they often change their behavior.

This means that many long tail keyword phrases that worked well for businesses in the past may no longer work anymore, since the user will change his search.

While there is no doubt that this will change the behavior of Internet searchers, it is premature to proclaim that SEO is dead. Even though Internet users will get feedback during their searches, they will probably respond in predictable ways to that feedback.

While some keyword phrases may lose prominence, other keyword phrases will become more powerful because Google will suggest them more frequently. The Internet marketing company that recognizes this and makes adjustments to how it implements SEO campaigns for its clients will be the company that stands to make the most money.

google instant impact on seo

Perhaps it is true that SEO, especially during keyword research, will now require a bit more psychology and nuance than it has in the past, but of course, this is always what marketing and SEO have been about anyways. As the Internet continues to mature, there is no doubt that the search engine algorithms and the methods that people use to discover information will grow more and more complex.

This will require the online entrepreneur to adapt and change. That is what being an entrepreneur is all about, especially in an industry as new and evolving as the Internet.

So SEO is not dead. As long as people use the Internet to search for information it will not be dead. There may always be better or different ways to search for information in the future, but even then there will still be SEO.

The SEO companies will simply need to learn and adapt. However, it is quite clear to everyone who is paying attention that Google Instant may make the SEO industry dramatically different in the next few years.


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