Do’s and Don’ts in Creating Postcards

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Postcards are the most affordable and effective way in which the clients can shape an opinion about you and your company. Each company does have a postcard for sure- may it be large scale or small scale, so the better and informative your postcard is more is the number of clients you come across.


Postcards are to be made with the customers in mind; one mistake could cause you a client to say “no”. So when designing a postcard, you must keep in mind a few points that are sure to prove helpful in the making process, here are some of the most popular Do’s and Don’ts ;


  • Do provide proper spacing in the postcard, else it could result in a messy and cluttered postcard.
  • Prefer to go with the highest quality of paper, for it would be durable and even impactful.
  • Make sure to add a relevant picture, which goes with you business and niche. For some it could even be their company’s logo that does the job.
  • Bold out the headline from the rest of the text- to collect the focus of the clients.
  • Do put down some of the basic requirements for communication like mobile number, Office address and email address.
  • Use your favorite quote or saying on the back of the card, this will let the client know about your preferences and create the desired image.
  • Don’t hesitate to go for a larger size in case you have more information to put on. But make sure the information is relevant and doesn’t just cause and overload.
  • Design the postcard in a manner that the background color and font color don’t cause any readability problem but instead are easily differentiable.
  • Stand out of the crowd with a different shaped postcard than the regular rectangles.
  • Use color variations to emphasize on the importance of the information.


  • Don’t use more than two images as it would make the postcard look too spooky.
  • Keep the font size under 12 else it would make the postcard unreadable.
  • Make use of professional language because you want the client to understand it and for that the simple language is good enough.
  • Use the regular printers for the job, it requires high quality and experienced printing.
  • Use more than 2 fonts in the postcard; it makes the postcard look unprofessional.
  • Too much of designing isn’t good too, due to the fact that too much color and designs may bring your content off the page.
  • Settle down for a short copy; you must have at least 2 pages of content not making you postcard short of information.
  • Put unnecessary information like fax numbers and pager information on the postcard; it would never be useful.
  • Get a too bright background and color as they are sure to affect the reading and make the words look crumbled.
  • Run around the wrong turn; Clarity and to the point information should be on the postcard and not just any information you find interesting.

There are number of Postcard printing services available on the web, and with them you can easily Print your postcards, but do keep in mind all points discuss above before it.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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