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Setting up a Google Adwords account is a relatively simple affair, but setting it up in a way that will allow you to profit the most is not so easy.

The problem is that there is really no way to trial run things (unless you count running with smaller budgets at first and building up campaigns to larger sizes when clearly profitable – a good strategy).

You will find that you will need to put your money where your mouth is from the start, and if you’ve setup your Google Adwords account badly then you could be in for a loss of money from the start.

How to Set up Google Adword Account ?

When setting up an account you start by creating your Google account.  During the setup process you will be asked your region and currency.  If you are generally a local business, you should setup your account to be region-specific rather than try to target the whole world.

It can be tempting to choose the whole world as your market as this may be your ultimate goal, but trying to market to such a wide group will simply cost you too much at the beginning.

Google Adwords Account

Apart from setting up billing and contact details, you’re just about ready to go.  You can create a basic campaign that chooses a keyword you think people will be searching for, set a maximum daily budget and the maximum bid you are willing to pay for each person to come through to your website.

This is the essence of Google Adwords, but to have a profitable account requires constant management and refining your setup.

There are also many additional settings you can choose that refine your setup.  It is this additional work that makes the difference between a lukewarm Google Adwords account and one that makes you a fantastic monthly profit.

If you find that this is too much of a pain, then choosing a Google Adwords management company to setup and manage one’s Adwords account is a good option.  It can commonly be cheaper to pay a percentage rather than spend a lot of time on managing one’s Google Adwords account oneself if you are not prepared to monitor the account yourself on a daily or weekly basis.

The cost of an external company will, in this case, quickly be covered by the additional profits they can create from your account and the amount of time that you save that you can use to run your business profitably.


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