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Webinar, also known as Web based Seminar, plays a vitally important role for taking your business or institution to the next level. Previously, we used to seek out benefits from normal seminars but online indulgence has made it possible to go ahead with webinars, which allows online marketing and branding.

Now, with the advent of Internet and Computer technologies, it’s not such tough task to hold online meetings covering wide range of attendees, and at the same time conducting webinar is such simple when programs such as ‘Go to Webinar’ or ‘Go to Meetings’ comes into action.


If you own any enterprise or company then it’s the high time to adopt new advancements into your business. Online meetings and seminars are necessary for smooth engagement and collaboration.

Keeping the same intention in mind I’ll covering the whole tutorial or procedure on how to conduct a webinar.

Steps to Conduct Effective Webinar

For effective happenings, one needs to have perfect planning & experience and the same is needed while conducing web based seminars. Before starting, you have to get some clear idea about certain basic factors which is mentioned below:

1. Attend a Webinar

For getting ideas about online seminars, you have to attend the same to some extent. “You can’t implement the best unless you have some knowledge”. Thus, if you want to conduct your own Webinar then start analyzing other’s idea and structure. Doing so will help you to get clear understanding for how actually Webinar works.

2. Plan & Promote

The very next thing you have to do is planning. “Things will not happen by just imagining, you have to show some perspiration also”. Thus, you should start webinar planning and doing advance works which would lead in promoting your webinar.

Promotion makes sure that your online seminar will not fail because of lack of attendees. You can opt to have premium advertising or free one, it’s all depends on your desired budget.

3. Choose Your Topic

The real tutorial for how to conduct best Webinar begins from here. The very first thing you have to decide is the “Topic” on which your seminar will be based. It’s advisable to dedicate some time in deciding the topic which will be for the benefit of the readers. The topic should be such which attracts people, for they are interested in gaining more knowledge from your webinar and you should give them the same.

4. Find a Webinar Program

This is somewhat the basic necessity with the help of which your webinar will be conducted. Many programs are available which allows having wide range of web conference embedded with technologies like video conferencing and VoIP.

It’s always advisable to go with premium webinar program because they have the ability to manage heavy attendees unlike the free ones. You can choose any program according to your suitability and needs but ‘Go to Webinar’ is more recommended. If your budget is very low, then you can use coupon code or promo code for seeking out some discount.

5. Invite People

After setting up webinar program you have to send invitation to people, you must do this task in advance; say three-four days before. For sending invitation you have to use email service and best webinar service including basic information about your Webinar, also called as email marketing webinars. It will be nicer to write effective message that will spark interest in the reader to join the webinar. You must send the invitation keeping the maximum limit of attendees in mind; if your program supports heavy range of members then it’s nice.

6. Start your Webinar

Now, you must login to your webinar program before 15 minutes to ensure all necessary things are smooth and perfect. Then, you can begin with greets to cheer and thank your attendees. Needless to say, you have to keep the webinar content prepared in advance. Rather than preaching what you know, the intention is to develop an interactive session with the attendees.

Finally, I have to declare one advice, that is, don’t make your conference boring. Networking is the essence of any kind of businesses these days; hence, it is advised that you take to conducting online meeting not just to communicate with prospective buyers but with the people who are working with you every step of the way.


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