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On April 9, 2012
Last modified:March 25, 2014


A better way to find attachments in Gmail.

I have found an effective technique to easily find your attachments in Gmail , and this great functionality provides one of the best web service named is an online service that can be used in three ways. Directly from an online interface, via an extension from Gmail or Google Chrome via an iPhone application. The principle is simple! Help you find, in just a moment, the attachments of your choice using its search engine and its classification by type.

To use in your Gmail account, You must first authorize the application with Gmail. Once that’s done and if you decide to use the online interface, the tool will scan your account looking for any attachment. Stow it carefully by the types of files and allow you to search. Once your file is found, you can download directly to your computer or watch it if it is an image or a video hosted on the internet.

With regard to the extension Google Chrome, The latter will offer you the possibility to search using the box provided for this purpose. For example, if you enter the word “cat”,¬† open a small box in which all related attachments that term will be listed, and this, as small thumbnails.

Clicking on one of them will automatically open the mail to which the file is attached. You can also link your Gmail account to Dropbox which then able to automatically download parts attached. In addition, you can create rules to send certain types of files. Chrome extension adds the ability to search within the document without ever leaving Gmail.

Team behind : was founded by Benjamin Coe and Jesse Miller. Originally we were located in Toronto, Canada. After taking funding from Foundry Group we relocated the business to San Francisco. Our office is in the sunny Mission district, in a shared space called Dolores Labs.


Finally, the iPhone application will offer the same functionality as the online interface with the exception of sorting by file type. You can then download your attachments directly on your smartphone or on your Dropbox account from around the world.

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A better way to find attachments in Gmail.

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