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On April 10, 2012
Last modified:March 25, 2014


SnapCrab is the best tool to take screenshots in Windows.

If you have tried several programs to take screenshots in Windows and  are sure to find things that do not like about each program such as  Scraps with the next Windows is very limited, CloudShot which is very good tool is a bit limited and Snagit which is one of the best for Windows is paid.

Thus SnapCrab is a gap between the applications to take screenshots because it is highly configurable to do what you want, in turn is easy to use and is free.

With SnapCrab ‘ll be able to take snapshots of the entire screen, a specific window or full screen. That’s not all going to be able to choose to set up which will be the shortcut that we will want to make the catch, for example, I chose to use the configuration of the Mac then to take a snapshot of my screen I press ALT +3 if you want a specific area  press ALT +4 and so on.

As per SnapCrab official blog :

SnapCrab for Windows is a photo capture software that can capture any part of your screen.  Files are saved in PNG format.  Capture the whole screen, specified windows or areas, or wherever you like.

Another thing I liked is that it saves images in PNG is much better for capture screens. We will also be able to send screenshots to our preferred networks, so for example placing our user name and password from the same Snapcrab we catch up our Twitter, Facebook or Evernote .

Though as always I wish you had other things like the option to place  watermarks on images or upload images automatically to Dropbox , I think a very good program with many options and the best of everything is free.

Try Snapcrab  and tell us what you think of the program, if they see a better feel free to put it in the comments so we can discuss alternatives.

SnapCrab for Windows

SnapCrab is the best tool to take screenshots in Windows.

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