Windows 8 Application that Lets You Control a Police Car

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Since the launched of application stores for windows smartphones, we’ve seen that they have been released many applications that allow us to do thousands of things and some of them are very curious. Now this interesting phenomenon was beginning to expand Windows, which as you know in the next version, windows 8 will have an app store.

As is well known, Windows 8 will be a two in one , with the desktop version, the lifetime, and also the tablet version. Today we met a curious application for the latter, but can also be used in the classic version, which allows us to remotely control a police car . No, I mean the possibility of turning the tablet lead to either side as if it were a game, but the activation of lights, sirens or even opening doors and more.

This application was developed by Modularis, a security company. The application is developed to run on Windows Azure, which allows us to control some functions of the car remotely. The company has been doing some shows these days on the campus of Microsoft and the next video we see a introduction of this app.

Over the next month, they will launch new trial versions of Windows 8 and from Microsoft say that the app store will come with a minimum of one hundred applications, a good number for users to be downloading and getting used to this new ecosystem offered by the windows operating system. After that any developer can offer their windows 8 applications in the same way that they can do in many other platforms.


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