Google To Penalize Overly Optimized Sites

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Google is planning to penalize overly optimized sites. As per the latest news, there will be punishment from Google for those who over-optimize their sites for search engines. According to the Matt cutts, Google team is now working on a new set of tweaks to the “GoogleBot” that will penalize sites that over-SEO (overly SEO’ed) optimized for prime Google results.

Overly Optimized Sites

Overly Optimized sites means the websites which overuse search engine optimization techniques to get the better rank in Google. SEO, or search engine optimization is a very important process today, if you want to have some relevance when appearing on search engines like Google, Bing, or the like. As such, some people take it very seriously, so much devoted to optimize their visibility in the network rather than offer better content sites.

And for such peoples Google are preparing a plan to make the game fair for everyone. Matt Cutts, one of the managers to improve searches within the company announced at the SXSW in the coming months will make an appearance some penalties for anyone who makes “excess of SEO”.

Matt cutts said :

We try to make the GoogleBot smarter, try to make our relevance more adaptive, so that if people don’t so SEO we handle that. And we are also looking at the people who abuse it, who put too many keywords on a page, exchange way too many links, or whatever else they are doing to go beyond what you normally expect. We have several engineers on my team working on this right now. The changes will begin affecting search results “in the upcoming month or next few weeks.

Obviously, not indicated what kind of penalties will apply to Overly Optimized Sites, but since they will have many companies that could get hurt by this situation. And is that those engaged only to improve their visibility in Google will have to begin to engage also generate better content, which in no case could be bad.


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