10 Sites to Find a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Timeline

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Facebook timeline is the new feature by Facebook team, now you can find a cover photo for the new face of the Facebook profile, It is not something obvious. Even if it is not unanimous, it will nevertheless have to get used to it since it became mandatory for everyone.

So guys if you are looking for the best Facebook Covers with a large selection, then no more finds, I have compiled a huge list of the websites which provides quality cover photos for Facebook timeline. So as to do things, as do them properly, starting with the famous cover photo. To help you in this difficult task, I suggest you go for a ride on the 15 sites which will help you to find the cover photo for your Facebook timeline,

1. Cover Photo Finder

Cover photo finder is one of the best website where you can get beautiful cover photo Facebook for your Timeline. Larger number of collection available on this website.

2. Facebook Timeline Banner

Facebook Covers for your Profile, Thousands of Facebook Timeline Covers and Banners, Facebook Cover.

3. Fcover Photos

4. fBook Cover

5. What a Timeline

There are some amazing facebook covers and they are trying to collect them and make new exciting ones. Enjoy!

6. Cover Photo Book

7. Face Coverz

Facebook Covers from FaceCoverz.com is your best source to get high quality & cool Covers for your Facebook Timeline profile. They have thousands of Facebook Covers organized in different categories for you to choose from. Their Facebook Profile Covers are updated on a daily basis so you can always have the newest of Facebook Covers!

8. MyProfileCover

This site provide a great interface where users can actually get original artwork designed primarily for their timeline cover. And main thing they don’t access you’re Facebook through any means.

9. Cover Photoz

One of the best website to find the more beautiful Facebook cover photos for your Facebook timeline.

10. Beautiful Cover

With beautiful cover you can personalize your facebook timeline with over 600 beautiful wallpapers and much more with this website.

Covers are among the most exciting features in the new Facebook Timeline Profiles. All above websites will allows you to have a cover photo on the top of your profile page. It’s a complete replacement of the old and clasic Facebook profiles. This cover photo is used to represent you and your personality with a big picture you can easily change.


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