5 Ways Twitter Can Help You Manage Your Money

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Twitter, like Facebook, is becoming an ever more popular way for people to save money. While most users will sign on just to keep up with the latest news on their friends, family, or favorite celebs, some savvy users have figured out how to save money with Twitter. How is this possible? Well, keep in mind that thousands of businesses use Twitter every day for promotions. This means they often offer great deals and coupons, and some of these are very major businesses. Others might be local businesses you already know and love.

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Twitter is also great for getting money management tips from experts or everyday people who are savvy with a dollar. There are lots of feeds out there on Twitter that are especially about helping you save money in everyday life, whether they actively pass out coupons or not.

Here are just five ways Twitter can help you with everyday money management:

1. Get Tips on Saving Money, Investing, Budgeting, and More

There are TONS of Twitter feeds out there specifically to help you save money. Some are put out by businesses like banks and financial management firms. Others are just concerned citizens who are promoting their own ideas about saving money. Some of these feeds include @myownmoney, @AlmostFrugal, and @onthemoney. These feeds are worth following if they line up with your financial goals and needs.

You might need to check out a few financial feeds before you find the ones you really like. No use cluttering up your life with information from a bunch of feeds that just don’t line up with your life. Some, though, are targeted for specific audiences, such as businesspeople, moms trying to make more of the family budget, or twenty-somethings just learning to manage their own money. Check out the feed before you decide to follow it!

2. Budget on Twitter

The web is full of budgeting applications that can make saving money – and spending it more economically – way easier. One such application runs through Twitter. It’s called Tweetwhatyouspend. It basically helps you keep track of your spending by item and by category. You just need to be able to send in a mobile Tweet whenever you spend money. This makes it easy to remember to track everything without having to spend hours going through receipts later on.

This application isn’t quite as convenient as some others, like Mint, that link up with your actual bank accounts to automatically track spending. However, if you aren’t comfortable with that concept, or if you want the extras Tweetwhatyouspend offers, it’s a good choice. You can, for instance, check out how much you spend, on average, in a day, week, or month so you can start figuring out how to cut back on your spending.

3. Find Coupons and Deals

One of the most popular ways for businesses to use social media is to get coupons and deals out there. It’s worth following your favorite local and national businesses on Twitter and Liking them on Facebook, since it can net you some serious savings. You can also search daily for deals through Twitter using hash tags and words like “deals,” “coupons,” and “freebies.” This could lead you to a bunch of deals you would never have thought of before. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can find these deals!

Another way to find deals is to sign up for deal-oriented feeds. There are actually some people out there who will do the deal research for you and then will give you the information you need to save money through a Twitter feed. Some feeds to check out include @amazondeals, which checks out deals specifically from Amazin, @DealUniversity, which looks at a lot of electronics deals, and @cheaptweet, which compiles other Twitter-related deals into a single feed for easier use.

4. Get Recommendations

One of the best ways to manage your money better is to spend it more wisely. Researching products has become easier than ever with sites like Twitter. Now you don’t even have to trust the advertisers to tell you the truth about their products, which, we all know, they rarely do! Instead, you can just ask the Twitter community for advice on various products.

From washing machines to hotel companies, you can get better recommendations from your social network on Twitter. This allows you to make sure you’re spending your money on things that are really worth your while, which obviously makes it easier for you to make great spending choices.

5. Save on Gas

There are a couple of Twitter applications out there meant to specifically help you save on gas. FuelFrog is a great one. This application basically allows you to Tweet in whenever you fill up with how much you paid per gallon and how many gallons you put in. You also put in your mileage. Then, the applications track how many miles per gallon you’re getting and how much you’re paying for gas on average.

It might seem just interesting, but it can actually be useful, particularly with gas prices like they are right now. If you see that your miles per gallon average is dropping, you can take your car to get a tune up or check the air pressure in your tires to potentially fix the problem. Therefore, you can save a lot of gas and a lot of money!


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