3 Great Tricks for the iPhone

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Playing with an iPhone is an activity that many smartphone lovers have come to enjoy, routinely spending hours entertaining themselves with the popular device. Even the most seasoned iPhone users often find themselves learning new capabilities of their device, entirely transforming how they use their phones day in and out.

The following tricks are some little known tips for using some of the lesser known capabilities of the phone you hold in your hand.

1. Unlearn a Word from the Dictionary

Perhaps one of the most useful functions of the iPhone is the auto correct feature, which automatically substitutes guessed words when the user enters something that doesn’t appear in the dictionary. The iPhone also learns words that are routinely entered, meaning it will not try to substitute a more common word for the entry. Unfortunately, this can backfire when the phone learns a common mistake as a new word, preventing it from being replaced with a more accurate entry.

To undo the damage, users have the option of unlearning a word from the phone’s dictionary. This should only be done if multiple words are annoying the user, as all of the learned words are erased at the same time. Simply visit the phone’s settings area and scroll through the general settings to the reset area. Here, the keyboard dictionary can be reset to the phone’s default.

2. Send the Music to Sleep

Many iPhone users listen to music as they drift off to bed, which can cause a problem if the user is prone to falling asleep without first turning off the music. In fact, the iPhone has an easy work around for this issue, allowing users to easily turn the phone’s audio off at a set time. This is known as a sleep timer.

Simply create a timer like any other, and click “when timer ends.” Here you will be given a list of available ringtones and sounds, but the “sleep iPod” feature appears at the top of the list. Click this selection and start your timer. Voila! Once your timer goes off, whatever audio is playing from your device will cease.

3. Turn Airplane Mode on While Syncing

While not necessarily a “trick,” this great tip is a perfect way to allow your phone to seamlessly synchronize with your computer. Whenever a phone call is received during the synching process, the process in interrupted to the phone can be answered. This can potentially be useful if you’re expecting a particular call or if you are a business professional, but it is also cumbersome if it’s only a telemarketer or a friend saying hello.

To prevent this from occurring, you can slip the phone into airplane mode during the sync. Simply click on the phone’s setting and toggle the airplane mode to on. This will quickly solve the problem and allow the phone to sync without any issue. Just remember to turn the phone back on once the sync has been completed!

Learning fun tricks for the iPhone is not only a better way to enjoy your device, but a fun way to keep yourself entertained. Not only are these tricks useful for getting the most out of your iPhone, but they can also be entertaining for sharing with your friends on the fly.

Most iPhone users love sharing their knowledge with others, so join the crowd of “experts” and use your little known tricks to impress those around you who may be eager to learn a great new function of their phone!


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