Top 3 Benefits of Apple AirPrint for Your iPad

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AirPrint is a great app that is built in for Apple’s iPad. Because the company knows that many people use their iPad as their main computer when they are out and on the go, they felt it was a useful tool due to the fact that you might have a need to print some information without a moment’s notice.


Along with the many applications designed to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace from your iPad, AirPrint will surely make a difference to your on-the-go worklife and provide yet another reason that Apple is the right choice for personal and business needs. There are great benefits to using AirPrint for the iPad, the top three of which are listed below.

Print Your Information Quickly

You can print important information, whether from your email, a web page, document or a photo right from your iPad with taps of your finger. Printing is fast and convenient.

It also takes place in the background, which means that you can continue using your iPad for anything you want while printing a document. This is not only great for personal use, but exceptional for efficiency for working on-the-go whether from your home or office. If you’re running late for that important meeting and need something printed ASAP, then the AirPrint will have it done.

Wireless Printing

Printing through AirPrint on the iPad is wireless, which means you never have to connect any cables to your tablet to a printer. Through Wi-Fi, your iPad will locate printers that are AirPrint friendly, including those manufactured by Canon, HP and Epson.

This means that, even if you are in your basement and your printer is in the upstairs bedroom, you can know that your information is being printed. Imagine getting dressed for that last-minute meeting and being able to print from your bedroom while changing. Now that’s convenience!

Smart Printing

You can print documents and other information via AirPrint, whether it is from Safari, iWork, iBooks or from the Mail app. You can also print multiple items from different sources, and AirPrint will organize them in and print them in order.

Additionally, if it is a photo you are printing, AirPrint will select photo paper from the AirPrint Printers. With such an array of choices and capabilities, it truly is the perfect solution for dynamic workers in the digital age.

As you can see not only is it great for business, but great for personal use as well. Why get up from the couch if you don’t have to? In a world of digital photography, it’s important to get back to memories that aren’t on a computer, AirPrint makes it easy to get back to printing out those beloved photographs you will cherish forever.

Will Sharp works for a company providing services printing Sydney clients needs from custom wedding invitations right through to business applications in the form of business cards, brochures and pop-up stands.

The iPad provides a convenient way to print on-the-go, however he recommends that for the big jobs, you should head to a professional print company for un-compromised quality.


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